Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One more work day and welcomes

Home from another 10 hours of listening to member problems and requests. Don't get it wrong, I do like my j-o-b, but some days it's just harder to concentrate on why I'm there. I guess it's because I know there's a better way out there.

One thing I always enjoy when I get home, little Angel greets me with her "happy dance". She is in her crate for 11 1/2 hours while I'm at work, so she can't get enough of me when I do get home. She will love it when she will have me all to herself.
Not much else can happen on my work days, I doing good just to catch up on what's going on with my Dreamin' friends, then early to bed.

I want to welcome my latest followers Laurel King, Judy and Emma, Happytrails (Mike and Gerri), Karen Hardamon and Jim Smith. Thank you all for your interest.


  1. Angel is adorable!! How wonderful to have her to greet you when you return home each day.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Hi Susan: Welcome as a follower to my blog. As you get more practice, you'll find blogging to be lots of fun.

    Best wishes with your dreams of fulltime RVing. Hopefully, some of our entries will help you. We are loving this new life.

    By far the most frustrating part was selling the house. Hang in there, you dreams too will come true!!!!

  3. That's one cute little companion you've got there. :)

  4. Hi Susan: I just found your blog and fortunately, I found it while it's still relatively new. I read from the beginning and it can take awhile on some blogs. I hope to start full timing Spring 2011. I'm looking for the RV I've decided I want and have a houseful of stuff to deal with. I plan to lease my house so I don't have the worry about selling it.