Thursday, April 25, 2013

In My New Home

                                       2002 Four Winds Windsport 34K
                                               New and Old Homes
We were in bed  fairly early Friday,.so that we could get hooked up and trade in the 5er in the morning.  There was a storm over night that woke me up.  Oh great! that’s all we need!  Since I was up early I got everything prepared the rig for transport, even fixed breakfast before Sandi got up.  Once she had her coffee and it was light outside and fortunately it stopped raining we started the hook up process for the last time.  It was 9:30 by the time we pulled in to McClain’s RV  lot. We thought that we could get started on the transfer, but we had to get some paper work done first and for some reason I had forgotten to pull out the titles. DUH !!!  Of course I would have to get the slides out to locate them.  Finally we got both vehicles side by side to begin the transfer.  I knew that I had a lot of STUFF, but I had to make some drastic decisions and PURGE as I went.  I am so glad that Sandi was there to help.  It was more like I was there to help her.  Since we got a late start, it wouldn’t  happen in one day.  Russ said that if we didn’t want it to just leave it and they would take care of it even donate it some where.  So I got rid of a lot of Christmas STUFF, some clothes and a lot of kitchen STUFF and a lot of miscellaneous STUFF.  Ya think there is a theme here!!!!!!!!
                                                    Total Chaos
                               That's Corey working on a drain issue.
Russ had just removed the recliner that came with MH, so one of the first things that we did was to get my Lazy Boy moved over.  I knew it could be done, because I moved it into the 5er by myself, but Sandi wasn’t sure. Although the door on MH is a little narrower, we managed to get it in. Some things made  it, but had to go back, just wouldn’t work or find a home. 
Poor Sandi, she was really frustrated and constantly on me about getting rid of the STUFF.  I don’t mind getting rid of things but I would rather that some one could use it.  Sandi knows a lot of people that could use a lot of different things, so they would find a good home.  Thank you Sandi, I don’t think that I could have done it by myself.  No tears shed but but coffee was needed.  I’m also glad that it didn’t rain, but the grass was wet and Sandi took the out side rug and covered the area between the rigs and it was not going to make the cut.
Time was getting short and I still hadn’t driven the MH.  Russ was finally able to get away and we secured what we could and took a test drive.  We headed south on 35W past the MH park where I had left my chairs and and some outside things.  There is a really nice rest area just north of the Bethesda Exit where we would head back north on 35W.  I took over at the rest area and did well.  Piece of cake!!!  It is so much easier to drive and when we got back to McClain’s/Camping World campground, I backed it in to the site first try.  When we got back we continued the process.  We still hadn’t moved over the kitchen.and Sandi had to get home.  We were both exhausted!!!!  I did a  bit more before I succumbed to sleep.
So that was Saturday.  More on the Big Transfer on Sunday.
I hope that you all had a Blessed Easter.
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IMG_0641 Come on in to my new home.
Susan and Angel


  1. Moving is never easy, and it's always exhausting!

  2. So sorry you had a forced downsize but hopefully you will find you are just fine without the excess. So glad that Sandy was there to lend some extra muscle.

    1. I actually welcome the downsizing. Something about not having the STUFF weighing you or the rig down. LIBERATING !!!!

  3. LOL Mom there were plenty of tears that you didn't see. Frustrated was an understatement. The cut on my tribute tattoo is healed and it didn't mess it up (thankfully). FYI I'm still finding bruises. LOL Getting rid of "STUFF" is an understatement yet again .... Mom... KEEP getting rid! I'm glad I was able to help with the process. I love you!

  4. You're getting there - it's a hard process but at least you're almost there.