Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween


One more week closer. 

Now I’m trying to make up my mind as to whether or not to just pack up the truck with the things that I will be giving to my daughters in AZ and just take them to them before I actually head that way.  Most of the stuff is in a storage unit that I am paying for anyway.  The cost is the same as it would cost to drive there and back.  I guess that I’m thinking along the lines as to the weight that will be in the 5ver on the way there when I finally am out of here in 2012.  Besides some of the stuff is for Christmas. 


I have a stack of more stuff to donate to  St. John’s Women’s Center and I am making a little headway on going through more papers.  More for shredding, more for sharing (magazines, etc.) and some things that can be donated too. I have to find another way to reduce weight.  Sofa/Sleeper????,  replaced with lighter weight Bed/Chair from IKEA.  I know that my mattress weighs a lot, but I really like it! 


Yesterday Angel and I took a trip to Pet Smart to get more of her dog food and treats.  We of course, had to visit the birds and since it is near Halloween we tried on some costumes.                    What do you think?

                  DSC00572       DSC00573

                              Witch?                                          Pirate?




Another question!  Has anyone found a cleaner that works really well on molded plastic chairs?  So far the only thing  that has worked is a Brillo pad.  Really messy,  there’s got to be a better/easier way.  Maybe something that I can spray on let sit and then rinse with water?


Another week to get through at work.  At least it will be a bit different tomorrow.  Where I work, Halloween is a big thing.  We can all dress in costumes, (there’s a contest)  More contests for team things and individual things.  We have a semi annual company meeting where we are off the phones for an hour or so.  That will make the time go by a little bit faster, at least for one day.

From what I gather here in the park I won’t have to get candy for kids because none come by, so I don’t have buy any. 


I have some more to go through before I call it a day.         Oh Yea!


 DSC00582    DSC00585   DSC00588


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  1. I think when I bought several molded plastic chairs they cost me about $7.00 each. Cleaners can cost up to $4.00 a bottle. Do you really need to do more than hose them off? Are you donating them?

    This spring I used some simple green and a scrubby on ours, and they came quite clean. They Had lots of black mold on them.

  2. It sounds like a better (and safer) idea to make a separate trip with the things you want to take to AZ, than to pack them in your 5ver. If there is a way to clean resin (or molded plastic) chairs that won't mar the finish, then I haven't heard about it. My d-i-l once used a brillo pad and cleanser on a white patio set and it looked brilliant, until it started to get dirty again. I think she had taken some of the finish off and it would never come clean again.

    Don't ask me what I think of putting any kind of clothing on dogs, much less Halloween costumes, lol.

    I don't think I'll get any trick or treaters either, but I believe I should get some kind of candy that I can eat if I don't give it away on Halloween. Hershey kisses come to mind.

  3. I know, some people think it's crazy to put clothes on an animal, but it's fun and Angel puts up with me, although she doesn't like anything on her head.
    She really does like her sweaters, when she gets cold.

  4. Mom you just plain nuts when it comes to Angel. Lol

  5. Have you tried WD40 on the chairs? I use it to take off spots of road oil from the side of the car. Great stuff. It's not really an oil.

    If you do a google seach for WD40 there is a site, 2000+ uses for WD40.

    Asking I choose a profile. Don't know what that means. Don't have a "google acct", "live journal", "word press", etc. So gotta choose anonymous.