Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Day Enjoying The Good Life



Just another day at the beach.  We had breakfast around 9:00am.  Most everyone was a late riser.  I  guess that’s because they all stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, not me though.

For breakfast it was scrambled eggs with chorizo, hash browns,O'Brien, and the typical Mexican condiments.   After breakfast they did their dune runs. again not me,  I stayed in camp.   For lunch most of us went into town, some back to the Splash Café and some others and Ted and I went  to Mo’s Barbeque.  We shared  a sampler,  ribs,pulled pork, chicken, potato salad and beans.  It was sooooo good.

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting with everyone for a while and later I took a nap and wrote the last post on live writer.(All the while listening  to and feeling the wind buffeting the rig)  I would have done more, except that I used most of the battery on my laptop.  Later when we turned on the generator, and then recharged it.  Then it was time for dinner,  Pasta and wonderful red sauce, garlic bread and salad.  (Reen sent some home with me. There’s a lot so I froze it in individual portions.)  I was able to stay awake a couple of nights until nearly 11:00pm.  That’s what happens when you have some wine, good company and a great campfire.

   DSC00536   DSC00529

               That’s me and Angel on the left, and Billy, Reen, and Ted on the right.


Another great breakfast. Same morning routine.  Some more people arrived last night and a couple more this morning for one day. 


                                      Heading out to the dunes.     

We had lunch in the rig and later I drove into Grover Beach to the Big Kmart to look for a sweat shirt, didn’t find one that I liked, but found some lounging pants with smiley faces and a tee shirt for Ted.


             On the back of the shirt it says the same, except see front.


There was a Bolo tournament in the afternoon.  That Steven in a wig.  (Small world,  He actually worked with my Grandson Nick in Hawaii)


                      Later back at camp I took Angel for a walk by the water.


                                            Read a little, napped a little.

                    Dinner was burgers and all the trimmings, and another fire.

                   IMG_0348   IMG_0343

           Yes, that’s actually three fires.   There were about twenty people around the fires.

That was it.  Then off to bed.  Tomorrow we would be heading back to RC.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s adventure.

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Susan and Angel


  1. You are having one of those experiences that this life style is really all about. Surrounded by friends, (new and old), good food, campfires and "fun".