Friday, October 7, 2011

Destination: Pismo Beach



I guess the trip stated earlier in the day.  Up early 4:00am, couldn’t sleep,  Most of everything that had to be stowed, was stowed the night before except the last minute stuff.  We went out for breakfast at IHOP, (just easier), stopped at the store for things on Ted’s food list and headed home to dump the tanks and do the rest of inside and outside check list.  I did it all while Ted watched to help if needed.  I pulled out of my space at 9:50 am and we were on our way to Clovis to meet with Reen and Billy at their home.  There was pizza waiting for us while we waited for Billy to get home from work.  Thank you both for your great hospitality.  We left there around 6:00pm  and waited for Steve at a spot just outside of Lemoore near the Naval Air Station.  We drove to Kettleman  to top off the tank with #2 Diesel and it was a smooth and cool drive the rest of the way into Pismo Beach. 

  DSC00484     DSC00485   DSC00492                                      

There was a bit of rain, maybe just enough to cool the tires and engine.

      DSC00488                 DSC00493 

We arrived after 9:00pm, We checked in at the gate, paid the fees, (half price with disabled pass).  Now we just had to look for a beacon on a flagpole belonging to one of the others in the group to find where we would be setting up camp. It was definitely interesting driving out on the hard pack at low tide. There was a creek that we had to cross, where it was and how deep it was is constantly changing, so we just had to be careful. Fortunately we were following the other rigs that we met along the way here. 

DSC00497            DSC00495

Since it was dark, I just let Ted do the set up.  It didn’t take long to get the slides out while we were still hooked up to the truck.  We had to do a little “damage control”.  It wasn’t too bad, a few unbreakable things on a shelf that I didn’t have last time tipped over and the back part of the recliner got in the way of one slide (easy fix).

After all the introductions of those that were here, it was off to bed.  It was really cool going to sleep with the sound of the ocean outside my window.



Up at 4:00am (internal clock going off ----- hopefully that will change once I retire).  I just stayed in bed and read a book hoping to go back to sleep until Ted got up.  He  would be doing the cooking, so it wasn’t long before he was up too.

Everyone was given a list of what to bring to spread out the cost and keep control of the food costs and waste.  It seems to be working well.  Great breakfast, bacon, eggs, hash browns, juice and coffee. 

DSC00503            DSC00504

After breakfast most everyone went out in their ATVs and 4x4 pickups to the dunes right behind where we are parked.  the rest of us just hung out in camp getting to know each other and wait for everyone to get back. 

DSC00521        DSC00522


A trip to the Splash Café as a group was in order for lunch.  We got it to go and took it across the street to Harry’s where we ordered drinks and had our lunch.  The clam chowder was excellent, especially with the seafood topping. Ted and I also had some grilled cheese sandwiches, really good.  I of  course took half of mine home.for another meal. 

On the way back we stopped at RV World to find a particular kind of clips to put light on the awning.


It rained a little bit and then cleared. Came back to camp to do nothing.  More dune runs were made.  Soon it was time for dinner, Tacos!  More good food.  Then the campfire and all the stories.  Everyone had a good time, some had a little more “fun” than others.  The others had fun watching the ones that were having the “fun”.  I actually stayed up until nearly 11:00pm,  that’s really late for me.  Off to bed and my down comforter.

Thanks for hanging around for this long post.

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