Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short Post

Just a short post after coming back from Pismo Beach. I may be doing my posts from my IPad, because I need to take my laptop in for repairs.

I am exhausted since going back to work. I took the capture plate and the damaged strip back to FLRV to see what they would do. They are ordering a new one and will call me when I can pick it up. In the meantime I covered the area with white duck tape just in case it rains.

I have gone through my stuff in the bedroom and am making a stack of the things that I am getting rid of. It keeps growing.

There are a lot of papers that I'm not sure that I will need. I have seen an ad on TV for a scanner that keeps and organizes papers,receipts, etc.. Is there anyone out there that has this type of scanner/organizer?

Hope you all have a great week.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel

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  1. I have been switching all my billings to be online and keeping all my catalogues. One of these days I want to start contacting the catalogues and ask them to take me off their mailing lists.