Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stuck In The Sand, Back To The Grind

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I woke early, anticipating getting everything ready for the move back to RC.  I worked on the inside and Ted went over to visit those who were up and moving.  I decided to fix my own breakfast, rather than waiting for everyone else.  By the time they had breakfast  ready, I had everything done.   There was just last minute stuff to do.    After Ted had his breakfast, he took care of the outside.   Oh No, the big slide got hung up.  As I pushed the switch, several of the guys pushed from the outside to get it in. There was a corner of some stripping that was bent and caught. (Once home, Ted removed the strip.)   Ted finished the rest and we were ready to leave by 10:00am.  Our target time was noon (low tide).  It was a good thing we were ready, because we were STUCK, up to our axels in sand with the wheels spinning and needed to be towed.  It wasn’t a big surprise.  We figured that it would happen and were prepared.  My truck is 2 wheel drive, but there were several 4x4 trucks with the towing straps ready to help if needed.  They tried plywood planks under the wheels, no luck there.  Then one of guys hooked up his 4x4 to no avail.  Another tried with a truck with more power, a little movement, but still stuck.  That’s when the used both trucks in tandem.  That did it and we were towed out to the hard pack.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures.  I caught up with Ted and we were off.  That’s when I started feeling the tension building in my neck and shoulders.  I did not want to go back to work, but I know, it’s just that much closer fulltiming for real.


Once off of the beach, Ted parked the rig and unhooked so that he could get some diesel and air up the tires.  (We had to air down for traction in  the sand.)  That’s when the capture plate for the hitch came off.  (It is held on the king pin by only one set screw.)   Ted put it back on and we were on our way.  Soon, we were heading north on CA101, then east on CA41 over to I5 at Kettleman  where we topped off the tank and used the public scales.  (As I suspected I was overweight.  Now I know that, I have to start purging again.)  I will need to get rid of almost a ton of stuff.  

About half the way home we stopped at Harris Ranch for dinner.  We shared a hot spinach/artichoke dip, a t-bone steak with baked potato, green beans and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  It was very good.  After dinner I took over on the driving.  I’m not that crazy about driving at night, so Ted drove the last part and pulled into Aspen Grove Park about 9:30pm.  He backed into my site in the dark with one try.  I’ve just gotta say, he still amazes me.  Since we got back so late stayed and left early the next day to get to work in San Francisco.


I took the day off because I would have to wash the rig  to get the salt and sand off, but it rained all day.  That was convenient, so I put on my rain gear and got the hose out and rinsed it all down.  I hope that the rain got the roof clean, because I can’t get up there.

I also got the laundry together to do this Friday and started purge more stuff.  Everything is back where it belongs.

Well that is my my “vacation” in a nut shell.  Thanks for coming along with

Susan and Angel


  1. We always have way more than we need. I now know it will probably be a couple of years before we sell this house. I really can't imagine getting free of it all.

  2. So glad they got you out of the sand!!

    I am glad you weighed your is always best to have your weights correct for your safety and the longevity of your tow and rig. Now on to the purging...LOL!!

  3. It sounds like a very successful trip, and everything worked out well. Being stuck would scare me, but with friends that have 4x4s, you can get out of just about anywhere. I'm glad you had so much fun and got home safe! :)