Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Short Post Allergies are Horrible.


Another Loooonnnnngggg 4 day work week.    I keep telling myself.    Work the Plan.   Work the Plan.   It keeps on getting harder.  I still don’t have an exact date yet.  I will have to meet with someone in HR first to work on the retirement  numbers and date.  It should be some time in early 2012.


Friday I took all of the papers out of the cabinet so that I will have to go through them to toss, scan, and then shred or toss.  At least that’s the plan.


Sun’s not even up yet, and there’s fog laying on the ground as I cross the causeway leaving Sacramento.


This is somewhere on I 680.

Saturday I left early, about 7 am, for the coast.  I wanted to stop in Moss Landing at the KOA to meet Levonne, John and Gingee of A Camp Host's Meanderings: ...,  We had a wonderful visit, such a delightful family.  I hope that we meet again some day. 


There was some kind of kit car club showing their car.  I took this picture for Levonne, because she liked it’s color.

From there I drove over to Salinas for Laurie’s and George’s wedding.  What a nice wedding , and such a lovely couple!  They introduced me to all their family and made me feel right at home. 


The Wedding Party,                      Exchanging Vows            Exchanging Rings


                                             Mr. and Mrs. George Owens

Laurie and George,  I hope that you don’t mind me posting these pictures.  It was a wonderful wedding.

After the reception, I just high tailed it home while it was still light.. as it was it was dark thirty when I did get home.

On a side not if anyone is interested,  I actually got 23.6 mpg at one point it was over 24 mpg, mostly freeway driving.  I am really happy with the truck that I have.

It’s Sunday and now I have to prepare for another looonnngggg work week.


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Susan and Angel  


  1. The reason for the title was that I am fighting the sneezing and runny nose/stuffed nose and itchy eyes from allergies.

  2. Thanks for the pictures! I haven't seen any others yet. Was nice to meet you, thanks for coming :)

  3. Great to meet you Susan! Those muffins were yummy! Glad you made it back home safe and sound!

  4. I like your blog! To bad I WILL PROBABLY (oops didn't realize the caps lock was on)have to wait til you get here to get a blog of my own. Love You E P.S. The choices they give for Comment as: I wasn't sure how to reply???