Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday / Happy Labor Day


Here it is September already.  It won’t be long now before I will be on my way west.

Yesterday, Sandi took me to IKEA, the Apple Store and out for a birthday lunch.  one of my favorite stores is IKEA, however, the Sunday just before Labor Day was not the ideal time to be there.  It was as crowded as I have ever seen it and the kids were all over the place as well as noisy.  So I took advantage of the “short cuts”.

I was looking for a particular storage solution.  There is a spot next to the door where I keep Angel’s crate, but I don’t keep her in it anymore and it takes up valuable real estate,  I have  a storage tub (kept on top of it) that I want to use for “basement” storage. 

This is what I came up with. It is actually for shoe storage and there are three sections.  Two of them I put under the window (used for storing some DVDs)  and the other one I actually use for shoes in a narrow spot on the other side of the door.                               IMG_0122  IMG_0123 IMG_0124

                      They are plastic and hardly weigh anything at all.

From there we went to the Apple Store nearby.  I have been having trouble backing up my data to my  I Phone for the last two months.  Sandi has tried every which way she could to back it up with no luck.  I guess that it wasn’t getting enough signal or have enough battery.  This time it worked.  It took about 35 minutes at the store plugged in and using their Wi-Fi.  While there I bought a new screen saver.  The one on my phone was really nasty.  I also got a case for my I Phone that I can keep my ID and a CC along with some cash for when I don’t want to take a purse.


Our next stop was Home Depot.  I wanted to see if I could find something that was somewhat solid, but flexible to lay the sewer hose in.  Sometimes when dumping, the hose slips out of the rack that keeps it off the ground as in the second picture.  I am using lightweight plastic gutter material that I cut in half (five foot lengths that can slide together for storing while in transit.

               IMG_0126 IMG_0128


In the first picture I used the second piece to cover the first to protect the hose,  the last hose was damaged by hail.  This will work for now, but I will get another for the cover.  It ends up being an inexpensive solution. A 10’ section was just under $6.00.   The fellow at HD sawed it in half for me.  I may need more for the remaining uncovered hose, but this sewer hook up is longer than others that I have had.

We finally stopped for lunch at Ginger Brown’s in Lake Worth.  We shared a huge chicken fried steak meal which was really good.  They specialize in cinnamon rolls.  The meal came with one and if you text them with a code you get a free one.  There was enough for us both to take some home.  When Sandi paid the check she told them that it was my birthday and they took $6.99 off the bill.  That was really nice and unexpected.

By the time she got me back to My Spot, we were both tired,  I put everything away and “vegged” out the rest of the day.

That brings us from Happy Birthday to Happy Labor Day.

Last night I slept until lightening and thunder woke me up.  It took a while to get back to sleep and it has been storming off and on all day.  It is supposed to let up later today or early tomorrow.  I don’t mind the rain and this area really needs it. 

I put the sewer thing together today and my neighbor nest to me hooked up a battery charger to my batteries.


I forgot to start up the MH and let it run for a while to keep them charged.  I just hope that the batteries will take the charge.  I don’t want to have to replace them like I did for the truck last summer.

There’s nothing going on here in the park for the holiday, so I will spend the day watching a Jerry Lewis marathon and trying to keep cool and dry.

I hope that you all have a great and safe holiday.

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IMG_1390 I like hiding under the driver’s seat.

Susan and Angel


  1. I had no idea that Jerry Lewis still has that telethon. I haven't had a TV in at least 35 years... am pretty sure he did it back when I did have a TV. WOW!

    1. There is a telethon, but no longer hosted by Jerry Lewis. I believe that he is still with us and 87 years old.
      They were just playing his movies.

  2. Well happy birthday, belatedly!

    Of all the jobs associated with an RV I think I hated anything to do with hoses most of all.

  3. Sorry I'm late Susan. I am still trying to catch up with blog posts. Sounds like you had a great birthday.