Saturday, January 29, 2011

Checking Out More RVs and Waiting


Yesterday I tagged along with some friends to look at more RVs in Vacaville, CA.  They have a TT and wanted to see what is out there.   I found a couple of Class As that would work for me and within my possible budget, but the timing is off, so I can’t do anything yet.  I still like to see what’s out there too.  I have come up with a wish list as to what I would like to have.  My preference is a table and chairs rather than a banquet.  I know that there would be more storage in benches, but that only gives me more places to store more STUFF,(more weight, not a good thing).   I want to keep it simple besides I want to be able to set up a work area above the table and chairs on an elevated folding table.  I would love to have a washer/drier or at least the hookups.  I really don’t like going to a Laundromat.  A fireplace would be great.  I hate being cold.   I think that automatic levelers would be a necessity.  I just can’t get on my knees.  There are more things that would be really nice, solar, internet setup and an island in the kitchen area.  I’m sure that I will think of more later.  Once I am actually ready to get one, then I can be more specific.  Oh well that’s part of the dream.

Earlier on Friday morning I had to have some blood drawn for my annual checkup after surgery.  They took enough for about a dozen or more vials, almost the same as when I donate blood.  The actual appointment is on February 7th.  They check to se that I am getting enough protein and nutrients in my diet. 


I am still waiting for my van to be fixed after my accident last week.  It will probably be another week before it will be finished.  There was extensive front end damage.


There hasn’t been anything happening this past week.  Nothing to write about, so I didn’t want to bore you with me writing about it.  I don't anticipate anything in the up coming week other than work. UGH.  Oh well another day closer.  One day at a time.


Good Night and thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel        


  1. Looking is both fun and frustrating. We see so many that are so beautiful and yet the time is not there yet. As ou know I have so much to fix and paint that it will be more than a year till the house is on the market. And the, who knows.

    We may be to old by the time we are ready!

  2. I second your having hydraulic levelers as a must have. :) We're not getting any younger, you know...

  3. Hi Susan, Love that photo of Angel in the red blanket. Thanks for following A Camp Host's Meanderings. I look forward to following your journey also. Take care and keep on dreaming. I like your thoughts about what you want in an RV.