Saturday, February 5, 2011

One More Week


Welcome to my new follower, Levonne of A Camp Host's Meanderings: An RV Adventure.  I too will follow you on your journey.  Maybe one of these days we will be able to meet.  I need a road trip and I love the central coast.


                               Angel’s ready for the fog or rain.


I have my van back.  They had to replace the hood along with everything else and then they found “flat” spots on my one week old front tires, so had to replace them too.  It is just amazing what a difference one second can make in one’s life and also how much it can cost.  My only advice is to leave lots of room and take it slow.


Earlier I spent a couple of hours on the phone helping my sister set up her Face Book account.  Being a novice or technologically challenged, I surprised myself by being able to help her find pictures on her computer that she didn’t even know that she had and actually got a picture on her wall. It is all very new for her. At least now she can keep up with the rest of the family and we can keep up with what’s going on with her.       


I find it difficult to find anything to write about this week.  It has gone by without anything happening.  It’s been another boring week at work.  I just take one call at a time and deal with one person’s problem at a time.  It is remarkable how so many people don’t know how their insurance works.  I am biding my time until I can follow the dream.  Most evenings I catch up on reading blogs and then go to bed. 



That’s where I’m headed now.  Good Night.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel

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  1. Hi Susan.

    I read all your posts and that photo of angel is so cute.

    I'm hoping we can meet all the folk I'm getting to know as I read your Blogs but ...... time will tell.

    Sorry about your accident, always a fear when in heavy traffic.