Monday, February 28, 2011

Report on the Birthday Weekend


This just a quick report on this past weekend.  Friday I met with a new orthopedic doctor for my annual follow up after my knee replacements.  X-rays shows that everything is just fine.  Next appointment in another year.

Later in the evening Sam, Gilbert and I went to The Winery to listen to Steve perform ( on the keyboard and sing in his own style).

Saturday, I got a little bit of sorting done and donated my two huge TV’s to group doing an E Waste fundraiser. Then I had to get all “dolled up” for my company’s dinner/dance.  Ted came in from San Francisco to be my “date”. 


At the end of the dinner, it’s a tradition to give the centerpiece to someone at table.  Ted won,  his birthday was the closest to the day of the dance.  He chose one of the vases that had orchids in it and shared the other two with others at the table.


We enjoyed the dinner (really nice buffet) and the entertainment.  They had three couple, some of them were from “Dancing With The Stars”.  They gave demonstrations of the various types of dances and even gave a “dancing lesson to 900 people at once.



                I took a couple of videos but haven’t figured out how to insert it.

Sunday was Ted’s birthday.  After church we went to Costco to pick up things for his birthday dinner (of course, he cooked it) at Steve and Kyle’s. Kyle is a great hostess.  we had a great salad, fried tilapia filets, sautéed baby spinach, red potatoes and cherry pie with vanilla ice cream and hand whipped cream.  It was all delicious. 

Today I took off work to get some more preparation done.  One more step closer to the goal. 


I really need to finish this and get to bed. 

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