Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Visiting while “My Spot”is Being Worked On


View from where “My Spot” was parked at Camping World (CW).  If you click on the picture you can see the horses behind the fence.

I left West TX Sunday night and got as far as the rest area south of Temple to get a bit of sleep.  I woke up after not enough sleep. (Too much noise from all the ‘big trucks’.) I found that I was blocked in by trucks double parked because all the spots were filled.  So I went into the restroom and by the time I got back one of the trucks had left.  Fortunately, it was the one in front and I was able to pull out.  By 5:30 am I was on the road, mainly because I wanted to get through Austin before rush hour on Monday morning.  I was heading to Camping World to finish repairs started in September and got there by 7:30 am, I was the first one in line waiting for them to open.  I introduced myself to Bill Heinrich, the service manager, who I have been communicating with for the past 2 weeks and he got everything in motion and I left to meet with fellow bloggers for lunch.


L to R  me, Birdie, Margareta, and Colleen, at the Fork and Spoon in New Braunfels TX.  We had a great lunch.  Food was good and the conversation even better.  We all had stories to tell and thought we should let the waitress have her table as it was during the lunch hour and we had been there for a while, so we just took it outside to continue.  I believe it was the owner that took the picture.  I am glad that we went on Monday, because the bakery was closed and I’m sure that I would have bought something that I shouldn’t.  We all parted promising to get together again. 

I headed back to CW with the stops mentioned in a previous post.  Angel isn’t making as much noise walking as she did with the long nails and I have had no reaction to the Flu Shot.  By the time I got back I just wanted to get my slides out and rest.  I didn’t even know that they had finished replacing the damaged panels.  Bed was calling, but I wanted to get my blog written.  One thing that I have noticed is that once I am inside with the slide out and hooked up, it is hard to believe I am sitting in the CW parking lot.  It feels comfortable because I’m in my own home.  I don’t have a TV hooked up, but I can watch a movie.

Tuesday, Colleen and I planned on meeting, so I picked her up at her home in Schertz, TX.  I met her husband, Dave and their puppies, Gretchen, Harley and Willie.  We visit a while and set off to find the Central Market (HEB) on Broadway in San Antonio (SA).  When I was in Ft. Worth with my daughter, Sandi, we went to the one in Southlake.  There they had all the bulk foods that I have been looking for since I have been here in TX.  I discovered that they had one in SA and wanted to see if it was the same type of store.  And yes it is, only bigger, just what I was looking for.

DSC01676  Enough Citrus?

                       How about Tropical ?    DSC01677

DSC01681    DSC01680    DSC01678

         Bread, Wine and Cheese, maybe a picnic blanket and camp fire?

DSC01679   even a cow!

We also had a bit of lunch.  It took us longer to decide what to have than to eat it.  There were so many choices and they all looked soooo good.

On the way back, we were talking and I mentioned that the last time I had a glimpse of the Alamo, it was almost 60 years ago.  At that time there was nothing around the building,so Colleen showed me where it was and we had to go around the block so we could get this picture.


When we got back to Colleen’s, she helped me with accessing and downloading some free books through Kindle.  Even though I don’t have a Kindle, there is an app that allows me to download them onto my IPad.  Neat!   Thank you Colleen!     We also made plans for the next day to pick up Susan of Travel Bug, Susan and go out for coffee/tea.

It was time I headed back to CW to see how far they had progressed with the repairs.  WOW!  They  had the roof replaced and everything back on the roof and it was parked outside under a roof where I can put the slides out, but still be protected.  I was able to compose another post, but couldn’t get on the internet as a CW guest or on my own personal Hot Spot. 

This morning, Wednesday,  After a quick breakfast of a ham and cheese omelet (made in a freezer bag, cooked in the microwave, I was up and out by 8:00 am.  I took a run over to San Marcus Outlet Mall to see if I can find a Corelle  mug to match my dishes,  I found out that they haven’t made them in 15 years.  The cups and mugs are all stoneware, even the one in the sets.  I wonder where I can find the original mugs.  I got a call from Colleen saying that she was ready, so after a quick stop for some fuel, I headed her way.  After picking her up, we headed over to pick up Susan.  She really looks good for all that she has gone through.  She and Colleen had not met before, but follow blogs,  We went to IHOP in City Base, where we had coffee and tea and shared our experiences.  From there we went back to Susan’s and Colleen met Susan’s kitties, Sunnie and Bowie.  We said our good byes and hopefully we can all get together again, but probably not until Susan and Bob get back from Australia.  (we forgot to pictures this time--- oh well!)  Colleen and I headed back to drop her off at her house to get her truck.  She would follow me back to CW to see “My Spot”. 

I was able to meet up with Bill to get some of the paperwork done.  Most of the work is done, just a few things left and then I will be able to get to my next Workamping spot.

It’s getting late so I will close for tonight.

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel


  1. Thank you again for a great visit. I appreciate you picking me up since I don't have my glasses yet and my prescription sunglasses were in my car, which Bob was driving.

    Thanks, too, for picking up the tab. That was super sweet of you to do that.


  2. So you forgot to tell them all about how you almost had an OOPS and you had to have someone else back your rig up so that it could be pulled fully out of the park in West. Do I need to get the pics out mom? LOL

  3. Ohhhh and mother... the Central Market that I took you too is the smaller of the TWO near me.... The one in Ft Worth is MUCH larger (ohhh and there is a Trader Joe's down the street).

  4. Don't you just love it when family tells all? LOL. Did you see the pics of West on my blog? There's a great one of you and Angel that I just love. It should be in your batch as well but I cropped it and did some adjustments so let me know if you want another copy. HugZ to you and Angel!