Saturday, October 20, 2012

Leisure Resort Location


                                       Angel’s view from her perch.

I arrived at Leisure Resort in Fentress, TX for my next Workcamping gig yesterday afternoon.  I was escorted to a site that had a tree that would block my bedroom slide.  Even moving to avoid the tree, wouldn’t work, so we went to find another site.  When I moved out of the site we had to move a trailer.  In order to get to the new site (76) I needed to follow another road to make a wider right hand turn.  My escort wanted to make sure that we avoided another trailer.  The jeep that normally goes on that trailer was parked in front of the MH.  When I looked in the mirror, I thought that I would miss it, but I forgot about the swing of the 5ver in back of the tires and caught the fender of the jeep.  Fortunately it was only the fender, no other body damage on the jeep.  However I can’t say that about the 5ver.  It damaged the back panels where the back jack control, clearance light  and the electrical plug connection are,as well as the panel on the slide, maybe the back corner too.  Fortunately it didn’t affect the operation of said jacks and connection.  I’m not sure about the back panel.

                                                     The Jeep.


         All other damage was already there and it shouldn’t be too bad to repair.

                                                      “My Spot”

     IMG_0162  IMG_0163                      

       IMG_0169  IMG_0170

I called the insurance company and Bill at Camping World (CW) earlier today.  I’ll bring pictures in to CW some time next week to find out when I can get it fixed.  I think from now on I will get out and look more often than I need to. 

This time it was much more upsetting than any of the others, because it shouldn’t have happened.    After I got everything set up, I went over to the office to meet Sheila.  We talked about what I would be doing.  We’ll get all the paper work done on Monday and then she wants be to help decorate for their Halloween Weekend.  If anyone is interested, there is a coupon on their website for 30% off camping for that weekend.   I returned home with a bag of ice  to the smell of several campfires.   That was yesterday.

This morning I slept in until 7:00 am and fixed a light breakfast and took Angel for a hike on the nature trail on the south end of the park.  It parallels the San Marcos River and there are parts where you can access the river and dogs can go in, as they are not allowed in the camping part.  We stopped and talked to three girls that were trying to tire out their dog, playing fetch, throwing sticks into the river.  She was having a blast.  We hiked to the end  and back.  There were even people tubing.  They must have been crazy as the water was really, really, REALLY cold.


                         That’s the girls and the dog on the bank of the river.

IMG_0209  IMG_0210

    The river near where the girls were.                     The beginning of the path.


                                        About half way to the end.

IMG_0215    IMG_0214

                 Angel posing on a log that designates the end of the property.

IMG_0219    IMG_0220

          View looking back up stream.                     View of the trail going back.

IMG_0216  IMG_0211   IMG_0222

                                      A few wild flowers along the trail.

IMG_0224   IMG_0225

    View going back down that little hill.                             Almost home.

After a short nap, we went into San Marcos to Wal-Mart.  I needed eggs and a few other thing that I was nearly out of.

I hope you enjoyed the hike.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0218  Hey, Mom I’m not goin’ in there, it’s cold.

Susan and Angel


  1. Looks like a really nice place, I like camping near a river. Hope you get your rig fixed soon.

  2. What a nice campground and trail.

    Brrrr. You wouldn't catch me in cold water!

    Good luck with your RV repairs.

    1. from what thhey tell me, the river is cold all year long.

  3. Maybe it would help to do a "walk around" before you try getting in a spot. It helps me to just see for myself.

  4. Angel seems to be the smart one in the group. No way should we go into that cold water. Great pictures of your hike.

  5. That sure looks like a lovely place to be, and I sure would enjoy the trail. Have fun decorating for Halloween; it and Christmas are my two favorite holidays for decorating. If I were there, I'd help you!

  6. Looks like a nice location. Sorry to hear about the damage to the fifth wheel. Thank goodness for insurance.

  7. Looks like a nice place. Is the pool heated?

  8. Unfortunately, it isn't, although there were some kids in it this past weekend and were having a lot of fun.

  9. glad you got settled, sorry to hear about the damage though. I was also having trouble parking at the storage lots for our new roving managers job. We decided to switch to a motorhome to make it easier for me to park it in the tight places, lots less stress now. Good luck on the new job, looks like a great place!

    Phil (and Rudee too!)
    ps: site #76 was our site # at our KOA job this summer :-)

  10. I love the pic of Angel on the log - she is so cute!

  11. What a wonderful hike! Great pics! I just now read about the accident. I'm so sorry Susan. I want to tell you to not get discouraged but I know that's easier said than done sometimes. Hang in there! Much love and big, big hugZ.

    PS. Nonni and Bentley say hello to Angel. Bentley says he'll be the first one to jump in that river. Nonni says she'll stay on the log with Angel. Now wouldn't THAT be a pic! :)