Thursday, October 18, 2012

Learning New Things

This morning after seeing how things were going regarding the status on the repair work, I headed over to Colleen’s house.  She has graciously offered to help me with editing information  on my blog and setting up another one to highlight my artwork.  She has also helped me with the Picasa program.  I really appreciate the help as I am definitely a newbie when it comes to anything with computers.  Once I get over or past that learning curve I’ll be okay.  Thank you, Colleen for all the help.  Now I just have to read and do.  Birdie also came over to work on Live Writer.  We got a lot accomplished and decided to go out for a bite of lunch.  We met Margareta at Schlotsky’s where they offer a Pic-2. (any two items   (i.e.. 1/2 a sandwich & a bowl of soup or 1/2 a salad or 1/2 a pizza or any combination of them) for a set price.  We all enjoyed our lunch and then we all met back at Colleen’s to continue on the computers.


                           Birdie  Margareta  Colleen   and   me

I got back to Camping World around 5:15 pm, just in time to speak with the service manager,  Bill Heinrick. 


He told me that they got the slide topper on.  There was a problem with the one that had come in, so they ordered another ASAP.  It came in today,  I had also asked if they could take out the icemaker, so that was done too.  I decided, since you never know what the water is like in any CG and the ice maker hasn’t worked since I have had it, it was just in the way and I could use the freezer space.  I can make my own ice cubes or buy it by the bag in the summer.

So it’s one more night at Camp CW.  Hopefully all the loose ends will be tied up and I can get on with what comes next on this journey called LIFE.

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IMG_0192  Boooorrrring !!!!!

Susan and Angel


  1. Susan,

    we bought a portable ice maker through for around $120.00 and they shipped it to the store nearest us for free. We use filtered water in it so the cubes don't pick up any bad "campground water" taste. We really love it since we use a lot of ice in our tea.

    Phil and Rudee

  2. For now, i get my ice free. I've thought about getting one,, but it can wait.

  3. Is that a webcam picture?!? What fun you guys are having! I am trying so hard (and failing a little, grin) to not be totally jealous that I couldn't be there. Good for you - ALL of you! :)