Friday, September 27, 2019

Where Has This Month Gone?

Last time I mentioned that my son, Ted was moving to Arkansas, well it has happened.  This past week he and Brandy have moved into an apartment while their new home is being built.  No pictures as yet.  They have a BUSY, BUSY life.

My grandson, Nick and his wife have moved into their new home in Oklahoma and have retrieved their two Huskies from my daughter Sandi.  Again no pictures.

Sandi has her house back with only her daughter, Mary and their three Pits, also a friend is staying with them before her move to the UK.  No new pictures.

Heidi, the oldest of my daughters is still living a busy life also in Oklahoma.  The only change there was a successfully completed planed operation for Nora Lynn, my great granddaughter.  She and her Mama (my granddaughter Svea Alis) are doing great.

Nora Lynn and her Papa

Isn't she beautiful?

Mellissa, the youngest of my girls is still in Arizona.  She too has a busy life, working and following the progress of Katie,  my granddaughter and her many Varsity Volley Ball games.  Her son Robert is doing his own thing.

Thats it for what's going on with the family.  As to me,  in addition to  volunteering for the USACE 20 hours a week, I too have been busy.

On the 1st of September, I was "kidnapped" by Sandi and Mary.  They in conspiracy with their siblings, had the whole day planned out.  I was only told to wear shorts and that it would involve cake.  We had an appointment at 10:00, but since we were early, we stopped for breakfast in Waxahachie.  We then proceeded to the surprise location where we would have a morning at the SPA.  The three of us were to get our nails done.  Mani's and Pedi's.  Of course mine was the deluxe.  Oh, the massage was the best part.  The wine was a close second.  I was soooooooo relaxed.  When finished we went out for lunch.

Good Morning.  Waiting for the kidnappers.

See what happens when I get a little bit of wine.

Two of the Kidnappers, the rest of them were there in spirit.

They did say cake was involved, there's ice cream  too.

 A great big THANK YOU to all my kids for a delightful BIRTHDAY celebration.

Since then I have been working on paintings,

This is Paisley, Brandy's fur baby.

 Keeping out unwanted visitors,

A rat snake that found it's way into my motorhome,  caught in a mouse trap.

 Setting up at a local Farmers Market,

My booth at the Ennis Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Volunteering with Sandi and Mary at Tattoos and Tailpipes, a fundraiser for Autism.

Last Sunday we were at Haltom Theater where they held it.  Sandi and Mary ran around doing whatever they did while I sat and did some face painting.  Sandi posted pics on FB.

Freaking out when Angel decided to wander off at 6:00 am this morning.

I'm scolding Angel and explaining what could have happened to her.

Of course, I'm sure she had no idea of what I was talking about.  
Every morning at 6:00 am, I open the gate at the park.   We do have a lot of people that use the boat dock to fish early in the morning, so lately, I have let Angel come with me, off leash and she usually walks with me and stays close. Not this morning.  She decided to wander off.  For about a half an hour I walked all over my site as well as Earl's (the other workamper) calling her.  It was a bit scary, since there are owls, raccoons, and coyotes and it was really dark.  (Earl has lost two dogs to predators.).  Finally I was relieved when I heard her tags on her collar and saw her amble her way back home.  I don't think that she will be off leash any time soon.

I sure hope that you all are having a great day, week and month.  We're trying to stay cool here.  Even though it is supposed to be Autumn, it has been HOT, no sign of any relief here in Texas for at least a week. (Hopefully)

Thanks for visiting.

Here's where I will be tomorrow guarding Mom's  artwork.

Susan and Angel

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