Thursday, August 29, 2019

Road Trip To Oklahoma

The  clan is gathering!

It seems that most of the family is returning to the midwest.  My son will be moving to Arkansas next month.  one of the other daughters is now in Texas and the other daughter is thinking about moving after her youngest graduates from high school.

My oldest daughter and her family have already moved to Henryetta OK, (husband, daughter and granddaughter).  I met up with my next oldest daughter to go and pick up her daughter there because she was helping her cousin and his wife to drive all of their belongings from Tucson AZ to Henryetta OK where they are buying house and property.  That was the goal of the entire weekend.

It started with me going to my next daughter's house on Saturday.  We did a bit of shopping and then later in the afternoon we enjoyed the pool.  Angel got in and learned how to swim to the stairs.  She really does not like the water, but was still happier to be with me rather than dodging all the other dogs.

Three of six dogs that were there that day.

The dogs think that they are lap dogs even if they pits , huskies or terrier.

They left Tucson Saturday morning, driving all day, expecting to get into Henryetta early Sunday.  Since we wanted to spend some time visiting, we left early Sunday morning.

Beginning of the Sunrise.

Turned out to be glorious.

Heading east.

We actually were able to skirt around and miss whatever was beneath the cloud bank.

Fortunately we missed any adverse weather and got there a little after 9 am and were able to spend about 3 hours before returning to Texas.

We had breakfast  and were able to meet my grandson's in-laws, who are also moving to Oklahoma.  We had to leave by noon to get to previous obligations.

Even so it was a good visit saw everyone got the Great Grandbaby  "Fix".  Hopefully we will all get together when we can spend more time.

Crossing the Red River

Hello Texas

The trip takes about 3 and a half hours and was uneventful, which is a good thing!

I made it home to Ennis before dark and got geared up for another week volunteering for the Corp.

I hope that you all have had a great week and will have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend.

Thank you for visiting.

Mom is protecting me from all the big dogs..

Susan and Angel

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  1. Hopefully with everybody moving closer it'll be easier to have reunions. Angel you are such a cutie pie.