Saturday, January 14, 2012

?????? Answered



For DSD,  I will have to go over the Sierras.  I will be avoiding “the Grapevine” just North of LA.  Instead I will be going East on 58 out of Bakersfield.  The grade isn’t as bad and is (from what I’m told isn’t affected by weather as much as the passes farther North or even “the Grapevine” which can be closed because of Snow)


For Missa.  Me take public transportation, no not me.  If I need to go anywhere, I’ll walk or get a ride,  More than likely I will stay home to get more work done.  There’s plenty to do.

                                  Splendide Vented Washer Dryer

And for Merikay,  This is the reason that I can get rid of more clothes.  I can do small loads more often, although I will probably save some stuff to do at a Laundromat like my big robe and comforter.

Today was a day of rest for me.  Stayed in bed and watched a movie.  When I finally got up, the only thing that I did was to bake some of my Trail Mix Muffins and caught up on reading blogs and laundry. 


Good night All,

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Susan and Angel


  1. I always took I-5 south and cut over to Freeway 99 just before it comes into Bakersfield. I did the Graevine the first time I brought my 5th wheel west, and I swore I would never drive it again. Smart move to avoid it.

  2. Got it! Thanks for the update. Love the combo w/d. :)