Monday, January 23, 2012

Stormy Weather and A Big Change In Plans

      IMG_0485          IMG_0487

                                              a couple of views

Last Friday when a big storm went through, lots of wind and rain.  All off sudden there was a loud crash when something fell on my roof.  Oh No!  What happened?  Look for leaks, Are the solar panels broken.  All kinds of thoughts going through my head. I took a look out of the door and I could see the end of a branch hanging off the roof.  Okay, that explained the crash.  No leaks so far, the rest will have to wait until Ted comes tomorrow.  From the pictures above it didn’t look too bad.  After he got here and climbed up on the roof, this is what he threw down.


                                                    not so little

We put everything back in the shed, he went up on the roof to remove the branch. It missed the solar panels but broke a vent cap.  Later we picked one up at Folsom Lake RV to replace it.

He did that after we got back from Urgent Care.

Here I am, just days from leaving the great state of California and now I will have to stay probably another month.  The reason, last Saturday I fell while going through the STUFF in the shed.  Fortunately, Ted was already on his way for a visit. 

That’s the reason why my leaving is delayed.  We were at Urgent Care for about an hour and a half.  The doctor took x-rays and, yes, it is broken.  They put my hand in a splint and patched up my face.   I will have to go to see an orthopedic doctor at the hospital.


From there we went to meet Kyle, her son Spearman and his friend, Grayson at the Spaghetti Factory in Folsom for dinner. 

                   DSC00755     DSC00756

                                    Kyle                             Grayson  and  Spearman

Believe it or not, it really doesn’t hurt (only if I move it or put pressure on it, so I don’t).  We had a wonderful dinner and then went over to Vintner’s Cellar, Custom Winery, for a glass of wine and to support Steve where he performs.


It was an enjoyable evening.  Since I didn’t have to take any medication, I had a very nice glass of  Riesling.                                                                 It was then back home.


                                           my medicine, very tasty

The above picture makes my face look worse than it is.  It is just a couple of abrasions and bruised.  Here’s what it looks like with out the bandages.


On Sunday we went to IHOP for breakfast and then to the late service at church.  Afterwards, Ted Steve and Kyle had planned on going to the shooting range to practice.  Ted has a new rifle and just had to try it out before his truck club goes camping out in the desert next month.  I went along for the ride and stayed in the truck listening.  It sounded like someone had a “canon”.  Ted said that it was a 50 caliber hand gun.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home,  Ted showed me how to transfer my cassette tapes over to my laptop and since I probably have a little more time here,  We can do what we were going to do.  We went to their home and watched the 49ers football game and had dinner.  As usual Ted and Kyle prepared a wonderful meal.  Thank you!

That was my weekend.


Now I will have to deal with what ever happens to my hand.  I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow,  (I went in this morning hoping that they could work me in.  No luck.  I have to get a referral from my PCP)  That’s where I went next.  She will call in the referral so that I can be seen.

Now it is wait and see before I can set a new departure date,

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Susan and Angel


  1. Oh, its always something. Now you can take your time getting ready to leave. Someone is telling you to slow down. Sorry it had to include a broken hand.

  2. OMG, I'm so sorry! I'm glad it wasn't worse, and that it happened at "home" and not on the road. Now you can relax and take more time to leave. Hope your hand and face are healed soon.

  3. Aw shucks for you! Take time to heal.

  4. So sorry to hear of your series of misfortunes, Susan. Your face does look better without the bandages, so thanks for showing us that. Now take care of yourself, and get the things done you want to finish, then you'll be on your way out of there before you know it. Give Angel a nice pat, with your right hand I think.

  5. I agree with the above mom. Maybe it IS God's way of saying slow down and take care.

  6. BUMMER!! Those falls are never fun, whether it is a tree falling on your rig or taking a spill yourself. May you both heal quickly.

  7. Oh, Susan, was so sorry to hear this! May you feel better each day. Injuries are always a pain, all the way around, pun intended. I'm glad nothing more happened to your trailer. Little Angel looks like she's hurting for you. Glad you've got her. Great pix BTW, especially of the Riesling. Did you take those one-handed? Keep us posted. HugZ!

  8. Must be something with the Sue's. My friend Sue tripped when she was out hiking and broke her wrist. She didn't have to have surgery either which is a good thing but she's still in a cast. Sure puts a crimp in her hiking. Glad it doesn't hurt too bad. The cast looks great. I had a red and white striped one for my ankle at Christmas time.