Thursday, May 2, 2013

Discharge Eminent

It has been while since my last post.  when I do my post I usually use Live Writer (LW) on my Laptop, mainly because I have more control with inserting pictures.  I am able to post using my 1st generation I Pad, but can only use pictures that are already on the I Pad.  Downloading pictures from my I Phone is extremely challenging.  I finally gave up and brought my laptop back with me from the home visit, yesterday to write this post.


                               The names change, but this is where I’m at.

During the weekly Team Meeting on Tuesday, it was determined that I would be ready to go home on Friday, however, due to Sandi’s  availability, I will leave Saturday instead.  Yesterday, Nate (PT), Chad (OT) and I went on a Road Trip to “My Spot” to do a home evaluation, where they took pictures and measurements.  Now, I feel so much more confident that I will do just fine once I am back home.  Here at HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital in Fort Worth, they have been  wonderful.  The entire team has been great from the doctor,  nurses, techs, dietician, kitchen, case worker, PT, OT, to the cleaning staff.  Everyone here has been totally supportive. They are ready to help when needed, but they encourage you to do what you can first, sometimes with the push to get you past whatever level is next. You are always being evaluated as to performance and pain levels.

A typical day is very busy.  In order for MEDICARE to pay, you have to have 3 hours of Therapy, which equates to 4, 45 minute sessions.  We have 2 of PT (physical therapy), one on one and 2 OT (occupational therapy), group. I enjoy both, interacting on an individual level as well as with the other patients.  Yesterday in the morning OT session we “played” with a parachute and inflatable ball.  It was fun, but definitely a workout.

IMG_0622 IMG_0623

      Working with one arm was a challenge and really worked up a sweat. 


This machine helps by passively warming both arms (in my case left arm) and legs.

Up to now the majority of my therapy has been for building muscle in my core, legs and left arm along with range of motion  and balance.  It is remarkable how much can be accomplished in just one week.


                             Here we are getting ready for a group session.

I just got back from my last therapy session of the day.  We are usually done by 3:00 pm each day.  I’m tired and may take a nap. 

IMG_0631 Angel, me and Pippa


I hope you all are having a great week.  Mine has been good, especially since Sandi brought the “kids” for a visit.  Of course, Angel was thrilled, as was Charlie and Pippa.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0630 I love my Mama

Susan and Angel


  1. You are doing great! I know you'll be glad to be home, and I'm pleased you can do so with confidence. Sounds like a rehab stay was the right thing to do!

  2. Glad to hear that things are coming along!

  3. You sound so positive, which really helps in the healing process! Love the photos of you with the dogs, very sweet. Glad you will be back to your place soon.

  4. Good job, Susan. Do you have to continue rehab exercises at home?
    Happy healing

    1. She's going to have home healt for a couple of weeks at the most then outpatient therapy since it's all based on my availability and with so much going on at work I can't take much time off. I'm glad that Mom trusts my judgement and going this route... it's hard being the caretaker from afar even though I'm only a few miles away.

  5. Glad to hear that you are doing so well Susan. I am sure Angel was really happy to see you.