Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hump Day

Here it is another week gone.  I’m still trying  to survive without being too bored.  Yesterday I went for my first day of out patient therapy where they did an evaluation and I acquired more exercises to do. The most recent is to use a pulley to increase my arm mobility (stretches). I will begin the regular sessions on Monday.

The temperatures have been rising here in Ft Worth, flirting with the triple digits.  Fortunately it has been quite comfortable in the early morning and if I put the awning out it shades the side of “My Spot II” and the A/C hasn’t come on until a little before noon.  I’m so glad that I found a park where my electric is included.


I finally got a picture of a cardinal at my make/shift bird feeder.  It has been out for more than a week before he found it.  They are just cheap Frisbees. One has seed and the other water both weighted down with rocks.  That seems to be the only wildlife that has come to visit.  The only other visits that Angel alerts me to are people coming and going, a couple of cats and a little dog that gets loose.  As you see, not much happening here. 

I hope that you are all having a great week.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Glad to hear you are getting back to normal. Wish we had some heat here in Oregon. I guess that's where people come to escape the summer heat!

  2. It's getting warm but at least it isn't as humid as florida. Just got back last night at 0900, unloaded today, and tomorrow we are on the road off to Brownwood to pick up the kids. Glad to hear you are moving through recovery okay.