Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Activities and Countdown Begins

When coming home one day one of my neighbor had a “FREE” sign on the elephant and cherub.  I called my daughter to see if she would like them, so now they have a new home. Every now and again people put things out near the curb like that.  Next Saturday there will be another Patio Sale park wide.  I may get some things put out as I am getting ready to move again.  My commitment will be finished on April 1st.


One my duties included working the Good Life Variety Show.  Between the two nights there were 26 acts.  The next 4 pictures are some of the acts.  There a lot of talented people in this park.

IMG_0551 IMG_0557 These are the fiddlers.  Here the “friends” showed up on their cycles (scooters) to visit the  “Doo Opps” and left when they, the “Doo Opps” started singing about marriage.

IMG_0562 IMG_0560

On the left is “Good Life Security Force” who did military type routine using lawn chairs in stead of rifles.  On the right is the “Golden Girls”.

IMG_0552 After the performances our “work” was to serve coffee and cookies.  They all like the free food.

My granddaughters are taking turns staying with me.


Last weekend it was Elyzabeth’s turn to spend time with “Nonnie” before I move on’'.  Katelin  was here the weekend before.

Last Tuesday was Mardi Gras and the park had a parade.  It was fun seeing the residents having fun.  They tossed beads too.

IMG_0568 IMG_0572

This was the beginning of the parade.  The “Pioneers” sign on the back of the car was one that I made.    The next picture is the winner in the individual category.  That’s a very patient pup.  It sat there and never tried to get out.

IMG_0583 IMG_0585

           This lady is in her 90’s.                           I have no idea who these ladies are.

IMG_0588 IMG_0576

A repeat performance of the “Good Life Security Force”. I got a video of them, but I don’t know how to download it to LW.   There were several more of the bicycling clowns.  These are just a few of the entrants. Just as a reminder, you can click on a picture to enlarge it.

The rest of the week was spent working in the office and doing physical therapy.  Friday night, Mellissa dropped off Katelin for the week.  Saturday morning we made some chocolate muffins with Nutella in them, “yummy” for my next-door neighbor who was leaving for their next “gig” in Las Vegas.  Then we went over to my niece’s to visit my brother and SIL.  They are leaving this morning for  Alaska. My nephew and his wife were there too.  We spent the rest of the day there and for dinner we enjoyed the best steaks that I have had in a long time.

This coming week Katie will be helping me get ready for my departure in April.  She’s on Spring Break.

I hope that you all are enjoying your weather, as I am.  Spring is right around the corner

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IMG_0592Here’s Angel sporting her Mardi Gras “Bling”.

Susan and Angel

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