Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cal-Fire Firefighter Training


Early on Thursday Cal-Fire was out in force.  Above is just a few of the firefighters gathering for the training.  They all got instructions and then headed out into the meadow.  They actually walked the perimeter of the meadow, where the trees are.


On Wednesday they burned areas to create fire breaks.  That way when they do the training it is more controlled.

IMG_2997 IMG_3002

That took a while and then they had to get repositioned because the wind changed.  They then started to do the burn.  Evidently there are different types of grasses out there.  Not all would be burned.  There is an invasive Mustard plant that retains moisture so if it isn’t dry enough to kill the seeds they will do it at another time.

There’s always someone watching and directing.

IMG_3008 IMG_3011

One of the firefighters gave me a mini lesson on what and how it all happens.  He also shared with me about a lucky break they had.  It seems that when they were preparing, one of the engines went over an area where a Mallard Duck was flushed out of the grass and then went right back.  They had luckily missed the nest and then partitioned off a 100 foot buffer around the nest linking it with an unburned area to protect it. 


Of course there was one of the Rangers on hand to observe.


I tried to get some shots with flames.  It was hard to get because they kept the flames low and controlled. The picture on the left, below shows the fire, but it is actually behind him.  There was a lot of smoke.

IMG_3024 IMG_3027IMG_3028

The two pictures blow are taken from one of the campsites up the hill, before and after the burn.

IMG_3033 IMG_3045

These are later when they were done, although there was someone to watch out for the hot spots.

IMG_3050 IMG_3056

IMG_3053 These fellows were going over the entire exercise.

The Crows were having a field day eating all the barbequed grasshoppers.


I hope that someone out there in blog land found this interesting.

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I had to sit in the cart and smell the stinky smoke

Susan and Angel


  1. I've seen controlled burns at Lassen and it is very interesting. They have a difficult job, controlled or uncontrolled and so many of them are so young. I found your account and photos very interesting.

  2. I found it interesting. I hope poor mama duck returned to her nest!!

  3. There were a lot of controlled burns in Florida when we were there working for the Ocala forest. It always caused a lot of smoke!