Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rubbish Rant, Race and Other Stuff


This is what I usually see when I get back from my morning round of RR cleaning.  This morning was a little hazy.  I liked the way that the trees are silhouetted with the sun coming up behind Lick Observatory.

However, ( Warning!!!!!  Here comes a short Rant.)   

Below is a picture of what I found when I rounded a curve in the road in one of the campsites.  The night before, someone dumped all this trash.  For the life of me, it is hard to understand why anyone would be so disrespectful of a beautiful public campground.  I know that there is a charge to take things to the public landfill, but really why go out of your way to come into the park to do it.  It’s just offensive!  Bruce, Maintenance supervisor tells me that sometimes it is cultural.  When asked why they do it some say “ My grandfather did it, my dad did it and I do it.”  It’s about time that someone should break the cycle and dispose of rubbish properly. 


Enough said!    Change of subject.

While cleaning the RR’s I found this Leopard  If it looks strange, it’s because it’s head got squashed between the door and door jam.  Just another CG casualty. 


Every now and again we get the large four legged camper.  This horse was grazing in the pasture early in the morning.  His owner allowed me to take pictures and gave her some extra feed so that I could capture her blue eye.  She has one blue and one brown.


IMG_3363 IMG_3365

I really like this picture with the morning sun.


These were taken on Saturday morning.  The rest of the morning was spent taking pictures of the race event. This one wasn’t a fund raiser, but of a local group that does races and hikes all over the bay area.  Someone said that there is one somewhere every other weekend.  For this one they expected 3 or 4 hundred participants, nowhere near the last mud run.  They too do it every year here in the park.            

IMG_0909 IMG_3350

The cars just kept on coming in

     IMG_3355 IMG_3356 IMG_3349

and the racers kept on running.

          IMG_3368 IMG_3369

Some of the racers came in Friday night to camp before the race and a few of the stayed until Sunday, however the CG was nowhere near full this weekend.  Since Labor Day weekend, things are slowing down a lot.

Now is when maintenance starts their various projects.  A week ago a water pipe broke near the RR by me, so there is no water below the RR.  Quite a few campers have requested to change sites closer to water and fortunately we were able to accommodate them.  This is Ruben and Jeremy working on the water source in the equestrian CG.  It was really hot.  I really appreciate these guys.


I hope that you all are having a great week.

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  1. I think the trash issue and vandalism in the restrooms threw me off camphosting. If I was looking for a job today I think I would prefer the gate keeper type of job where I didn't have to clean up after people. But maybe there was something you found distasteful in it that I'm just not aware of. I found so many campers to be wonderful, friendly, and nature loving folks. Those few bad apples can ruin it for the good ones.

    1. That is the case here too as far as the campers are.
      The gate guard job I liked except that it is really meant for two people and it was just too hot in the summer, and rainy in winter.

  2. That is really a lot of garbage, I thought it would be a bag strewn about, but no.. LOTS, geez, what is with people?

  3. I don't think you ranted enough. That is just incredible what got dumped there. How can people do such a thing??? That is disgraceful. When are you finished there?

    1. I could have gone on more, however I can't change people's behavior or habits.
      I will be finished here mid October and then head to Monterey Co

  4. Holy Junk Pile! There's even some "good stuff" in there. Why not take the metal things to a metal recycler? Oh wait, that would involve being one step up on the scale from lazy and stupid.
    Or better yet, give those tool boxes to someone who can use them.
    Wasted words, I know.
    I've seen a lot of stupid stuff over the years. Leaving trash behind is the one that just makes me fume.

  5. Wow, you have a lot of news in this blog. Interesting stuff.