Monday, June 29, 2015

Time To Experiment With Blogger

Thinking about changing the way that I write my Blog.  I have always used Live Writer because I  like the way that it is easy to insert pictures, however, I can only use it on my laptop.  Evidently it is not available for mobile devices, like my I Pad.  I have recently gotten a bluetooth keyboaard to use with my new I Pad, which is really handy and I like a lot.
I have actually done this blog using the Blogger app.  It's a lot easier to do the text part here, but I can't insert and edit pictures the same way as I do in Live Writer.  So this is a test.  It will be a work in progress for a while.
Now if I can only figure out how to access the latest pictures.  This one of Angel is from a couple of years ago.  Isn't she cute?

Ted really did love driving the convertible, even though his expression doesn't say so.  It was a bit chilly this morning.

This past weekend I rented a Mustang Convertible and visited with my son Ted.  The main reason was to check out China Camp State Park in San Rafael CA as a possible location for Workamping in the winter.  We were also going to check out Sonoma Lake, but decided that it was too far.  Instead, we went to Napa for a bit of wine tasting.  He bought me a bottle of Muscato Amabile from Louis M Martini Winery.  It is really yummy, but I will probably save it until I have visitors.
We also went to IKEA to stock up on my favorite jellies and preserves.  Since I was in the convertible with the top down and Angel was in her wire crate, I found something in the "as is" section for a couple of dollars that I could cover her crate and protect her from the sun.  

Later that evening we would be picking up his girlfriend, Leslie for dinner.  In the meantime we headed up to Tilden Park to take some pictures of the Bay.  From the top of the mountain you could see all the way to and past the Golden Gate Bridge as the fog started to roll in.  

The pictures are on my Cannon camera and I don't have access to them from my iPad.  Ted has figured out how I can access most of my pictures on my iPad.  They were downloaded from my iPhone.  I think that some of them did't get transferred, so I will have to work on that later.   The picture above I took with the iPad from the laptop.  That's why they are kind of "funky".

If I get this job for the winter, this is where it will be.  It is a lot closer to Ted than where I'm at now and I won't feel so isolated.  I still have to talk to the Ranger some time this week to find out if I get it.

I didn't think to take pictures of all the things that we had at "The Dead Fish" restaurant, but we shared and they were all delicious.  After dropping Leslie off at home Ted and I headed back to his apartment in SF.  

This morning we went to La Boulange for breakfast.  That's Ted on the far right waiting for our coffee.

We both had scrambled eggs with different "add ins".  Check out the bowls of coffee!  

I had to turn in the car in San Jose by 11:00 am, so when we got back to his place I got Angel and packed all my things (including the the things that I bought) into the trunk and reluctantly headed home.  It's only and hour back to SJ, but another half hour up Mt Hamilton to the park (in a normal car that the engine doesn't overheat).  After running a few errands I was finally back to "My Spot" by 2:00pm.

We had a great weekend,now it's back to work for both of us.
I hope that  you all enjoyed your weekend too.

Thanks for visiting

Missing Ted already.

Susan and Angel


  1. I struggle with blogger and pictures so I do my blog on my laptop using Live Writer. That would be so neat if you can get that winter spot. Fingers crossed for you. Angel is such a cutie pie.

  2. What a fun day in the convertible. I heard it's been hot there, and now spits of rain. Enjoy your summer and good luck with the new park.

  3. I used Live Writer a few times with my laptop and liked being able to write the posts without Internet connection; however, I find using Blogger directly very easy which is good since I can't use Live Writer with my Surface tablet. I can either pull pictures directly from my Surface or from Google plus where I normally upload them. In either case, I have already done any editing needed and only need to size them as I want them in my blog post.