Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Quick Post------ I’ve Moved

Yes, I have moved to my new Workamping job at China Camp State Park in San Rafael.



Saturday was spent getting prepared to move, making sure that everything was put away and secured.  I then drove into San Francisco to pick up Ted when he got off work.  We got back to JD Grant County Park just as the Ranger was locking the gate.  We fixed dinner and relaxed for a bit before getting to bed early.  I had already cancelled my landline and Internet, so there wasn’t much to do and we wanted to get an early start in the morning. I had already said my “goodbyes”, turned in the cart, paperwork and keys, so once I was ready to leave, all I had to do was lock up the utilities and put the closed barricade up when we left.

We were both up before the sun, so I fixed some breakfast.  By the time I cleaned up and put everything away it had started to get light out, so Ted got out the ladder and cleaned the upper half of the windshield that I couldn’t reach and did all the last minute stuff.  We wanted to be on the road before 9:00 before all the bikers that come up Mt Hamilton Road.  We were actually on the road just before 8:30 and after getting gas we were leaving San Jose by 9:00.  On Sunday morning it was smooth sailing up I280 until we got to San Francisco, but even going through the city wasn’t too bad.  We pulled into the Campground by 11:00.  Ted set everything up for me outside and then while I put everything away inside he got my internet working (I can use the park’s Internet—Yea!) and set up the TVs.  Yes, I now have cell phone service and television reception.  


IMG_1645 IMG_1649

This is the first time that I have had a fenced in area.  On one end is a split gate for access and for answering camper’s questions.  It is a large enough area so that I can fix up the yard any way that I like. 

IMG_1644 IMG_1650

The parking lot in front of “My Spot II” has the local Black-Tailed Deer using it every day.  When a car comes by they just bound out of the way into the marshy area to the right.  The next picture is the view from the doorway.  Just to the right around those trees is San Pablo Bay.  Directly across the bay is where Ted’s girlfriend Leslie lives. this location will be so much more convenient for Ted to visit.  We actually met Leslie in Corte Madera just south of here for dinner and then she took him back into the city for me.  Thank you, Leslie!


On Monday, since I was already set up and won’t be on duty until I go through training on the 7th of October, I decided to check out Samuel P Taylor SP north of here for a possible summer 2016 location.  From there I drove another 5 miles to Point Reyes.  I just went into the VC for information.


I then headed back home and took a few detours just to get the “lay of the land’.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was making some modifications in  the MH.  Below is one of them.  I have made an upholstered bench that rests on the two chairs in the driving area and put up some sheer curtains to make it appear a bit more like a home.  It also helps for privacy. 


Just thought that I would share my latest craft project, a wire dragonfly.  It was fun to make and for the most part, pretty easy.


Maybe during the next 6 months I will get back to doing some art projects.

I hope that you all are enjoying cooler temps and having a great time.

Thanks for visiting


I now have a new perch. Yea!!!!      Don’t forget, you can click on any picture to make it bigger.

Susan and Angel


  1. I like the bright fabrics on that bench!

  2. I really like the sheer curtains..it makes it look so homey. Love the bench too...Good job!

  3. Great idea to put the bench up there. Really love your new spot.

  4. Wow, love this whole post. You are so artistic and this spot looks exceptional - love the decor. I'm glad it will be easier for Ted to visit. Can you believe it's been 3 years since Nonni, Bentley and I came to visit with you for the weekend at your spot in TX? I haven't been blogging but am van camping in the Kaibab Natl Forest outside Flagstaff. I think of you often. Glad I can come back here and catch up. HugZ to you and Angel.