Sunday, December 6, 2015

More Mods, King Tide And Crafting

Time really gets away when you get busy.  Once I decided that as long as I am going to stay in this MH, I might as well modify “My Spot II” to decorate it the way that I want it to reflect who I am.  I have always liked plaids and tartans and all things Scottish. Maybe it is because I’m half Scottish and half Swedish.  So that is what the decorating theme is.  The first thing that I changed was the bench that I modified out of the two chairs in front (driving and passenger), pictured in my last post.

Ted came over to help with the shelf under the window of the slide where the sofa/sleeper used to be. I later painted it the same as the little bistro set.  It all weighs a lot less than the sofa/sleeper. There’s even room under the shelves for a couple of plastic drawer units to store odds and ends that I use often.

IMG_1746 IMG_1752

Ever since I decided to retire, one of my main purchases was a Lazy Boy Recliner.  It has made the move from the double-wide to the 5th wheel and then to the MH.  I really liked it and spent a lot of time in it.  It was soooooo comfortable and sometimes I even slept in it.  The only problem with it was that it was too big for the MH.  Ted would joke and tell me that he would give it a good home.  Well I finally let him take it home after I found a replacement.  I did find an office chair that rocks and swivels. It really didn’t have to recline, because I can always put my feet up on something else.  As you can see, the print just doesn’t go with tartan or Swedish prints, so I just painted it.  I think that it turned out really nice.

  IMG_1741   IMG_1749                 IMG_1751 

Another project was to paint the doors of the refrigerator/freezer.  I wanted to do it in chalkboard paint, but did it with chalk paint.  What a difference.  I can’t write on it with chalk, but that’s ok.  I still like it better than the wood finish.


Just before Thanksgiving there was a “King Tide”.  At least that was what the hype said.  All it was was an extra high tide.  That’s Nick and Jenny below on a hike to check it  out. The first two pictures are of the same place below the boardwalk on the trail taken about five minutes apart. 

IMG_1760 IMG_1763


On the way back home I took this showing where the water goes over the road.  From all the hype I thought it would be more dramatic.  Oh well!

IMG_1767 IMG_1767


There wasn’t too much going on in the campground during the week, so I had plenty of time on my hands.  I ended up working on knitting Christmas Presents.  I was going to post a picture, but decided I didn’t want to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.  Last week I mailed them.  What a shock ($$$) for the postage.  It was even worse if I had sent them by UPS.  No wonder I don’t mail things more often.

In addition to making presents, I finally was able to replace the “hair” on this doll.  After searching the internet I found instructions on making yarn wig.  She previously had “hair” that was made out of some kind of curly string that had been glued on and had come loose.  I haven’t decided yet if I will trim it.

IMG_4807 IMG_4810

Things have been a bit hectic here, lots to do during the week and then on the weekends we have campers.  Fortunately the campground can almost run itself, so I can take off  any time I need to.  With it getting closer to Christmas, it seems that it is getting busier and busier. 

I hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season and not getting too stressed. 

Thanks for visiting

IMG_1780 I’m just hiding, while Mom decorates.

Susan and Angel


  1. Good thing you're not redecorating Angel! Everything looks great!

  2. You've certainly been busy. I think most people would like to decorate to suite their own tastes but decline to modify something that would affect possible resale. Congratulations to you for doing your own thing.

    1. That's why I haven't done it in the past, but since the window leak last winter and having to pull out the carpeting, I figured I would do all the modifications before I put in the new flooring. Then I'll just have area rugs where I want them. It takes time and $$, so I'll do just as much as I can when I can and leave the major part (floor) until last.

  3. We did ours in the fishing motif but I also know this fifth wheel won't be much when we sell it anyhow. And it makes it ours which I really like. You have really done some neat things. Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Merry Christmas to you both and the "babies" too.

    2. Oh, but I have. She got a new sweater that I made for her.