Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Week Closer


Yes, it’s one more week closer.  I can certainly relate to Gypsy, boxes, boxes, everywhere boxes.  At least she will be done a lot sooner than me.

I have been really busy going through a lot of STUFF.  I am trying to get some things together for a yard sale next Saturday.  My neighbor is having one then, so I will make a poster of some sort  with a list of the things (and prices) that are for sale and my address and phone number. 

                                           FOR SALE

   DSC00196                      DSC00197     DSC00198

  DSC00199                      DSC00200

Hopefully I will increase the RV fund.  Last Saturday I sold the solar patio light and the small fountain.  I brought it out to Lupe (she is a coworker) who lives in south Sacramento.  We had lunch and visited for while.  She has a nice home with a pool.  She also has converted parts of her home into a studio and a one bedroom apartment that she rents out.  She will make good use of them.


         DSCF0004                       DSCF0006

                                screened canopy

Then on Saturday I gave the screened canopy to my neighbor,  It was up all winter and the high winds did a bit of damage.  The same winds ruined hers too.  She said that she could fix mine so I just gave it to her.  I also have a lot of concrete blocks and patio wall building blocks and pavers and another small pond that I will try to sell too. 

If  I can sell some things then and the have an “estate sale” just before I move.  Every thing that I plan on taking is making it’s way into my bedroom.  I have also started putting things into boxes that will go into the fiver basement that I will take my daughters in AZ.  There’s also a box for Ted, but he will take his next weekend when he will be here for Easter.  I wonder if I can sell my Tuff Shed too.

A lot of things are beginning to happen.  Hopefully I will be in fifth wheel by June or July.  I will have to find a park to put it  and then get a tow truck later.  My plans are to continue working so that I can build up my saving a bit.  I will also be able to figure out my usage of propane and electricity and how long I will have to go before I have to dump the black and grey water before I am actually on the road, generally learn how to live in an RV.  It will also give me time to set up workamping situations for when I actually retire.  While going through some papers I found my old resumes.  That will help when I start looking for work once I actually retire.  Does anyone have any ideas as to where to begin looking in the Phoenix area or central Texas area?

One of first places that I will probably go will be Arizona where two of my daughters live and the on to Texas where another daughter and my sister live.  There are a lot of other places that I would like to go but they can wait.    

The Adventure begins!

Again,  thank you for visiting

Susan and Angel   


  1. Your "sale" things are great, definitely will sell, I think. I had that SAME patio table & chairs! It was the most comfortable set I've ever had - never needed any cushions.

    You are doing the same thing I am. One note, though, if you plan to stay in an RV park long term, make your reservation NOW! They only rent out a certain number of sites for long term people, and I was lucky I went two weeks ago, there were only a few left in my RV park. I assume most parks have the same guidelines. Summer is almost here, and lots of long termers reserve waaaaay in advance to get the sites they way.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I still don't know exactly when, but will start looking this week.

  3. Hi, I enjoyed our conversation this evening! You are going thru a lot and it is a very exciting time for you.

    I hope we can meet in May.

    I just remembered there is a large RV show at the Plesanton Fair grounds May 13 - 23rd.

    It's a lot closer to Sacramento than Los Gatos. I plan on going by myself one day during the week and maybe we could meet up there.

    I could look at 5th wheels with you and you could look at class A's with me.

  4. Thank, Marikay, That sounds like a plan. Do you know what date?