Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching Up



I guess that it is time that get another post in.  I’ve been working as usual and have been busy going through more stuff.  I am trying to sort some of it for my kids and setting aside a box for each of them. They don’t want much, but I may have to find a place to store the boxes until I travel that way.  Two daughters are in Arizona and the other one is in Texas.  My son will be taking his stuff later this month.  I’m also trying to use up everything that I have in the refrigerator and freezer and not going to the store unless I have to get something that I absolutely have to have.  Someone has decided that they want the washer, dryer and fridge.  They will give me a deposit in a couple of weeks and will pay the rest when they pick it up when I move into an RV. 

More details in the near future regarding an RV.  I will be actively looking for one after May 20th.  In the meantime I will be off work for the next two weeks so that I can get ready for the annual yard sale that they have here in the mobile home park where I live.  It is on the 28th of May and then there is the yard sale at church the next week on the 4th of June.  I hope to be rid of everything by then.  In the meantime I will put an ad in the “Penny Saver”.  I’m not sure that I want to put anything on Craig’s List (safety reasons), but I have been spreading the word. 

It is getting real close and it is a bit scary.  It will be a big change in my life.  The plan is to get a 5th wheel and put it into a park and continue to work until early next year.  This will give me time to transition into this lifestyle.  I will learn how to live in an RV, how the systems work and monitoring my usage of water, propane as well as space. I will later get a truck and then take some short trips to get to know how to handle the whole thing.  It will also give me time to line up a workamping job for next year.  At least that is the plan.


Time just is going by so fast. I took off this week and next week as vacation so that I can get all this stuff done.  Monday someone came over to look at the printer and heat press.  Hopefully they will take them off my hands along with all the product that goes along with them.  It’s a really good deal.  Then Tuesday I took my van to the dealer to find out why the A/C wasn’t working.  It took all day. After I was there for five hours they got the OK for a one day rental car.  This morning when I picked the van up I was so glad that I have an extended warranty, otherwise it would have cost $766.00. 

Today I brought some books on watercolor to my former art class to see if they would like them.  One more stack of books, GONE!  One day next week Linda will come over to help me go through my art supplies to see if there is anything that can be used in her classes.

I guess that I had better get to bed so that I can get an early start in the morning.There is so much to do in a short period of time.

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  1. I haven't been keeping up with all the blogs lately and didn't realize you were this close to getting the 5h wheel and moving into it. I was also surprised that you are selling the heat press and product, although I think you will be much better off living in an RV without it. Space is at a premium no matter how many slides or what the length is. Have you narrowed down a brand/model 5ver?

  2. I hear your excitement and your fear but I think that your excitement is definitely winning out. Remember to let yourself have fun!