Monday, May 30, 2011

Found Muscles That I Didn’t Know I Had


First of all I would like to wish you all a very Happy Memorial Day and to that all that have served to keep us free.

I have been really busy with the yard sale on Saturday,  The park put up 3 signs for a “Community Yard Sale”.  I put up two more of my own with my address and directional arrows.  It must have worked, because I had a lot of traffic and did better than I had hoped.  (Twice what I expected, which I attribute it to my “God Box”. )  Yesterday some other residents, on their walk stopped by.  They didn’t do as well,  maybe next year they will put up there own signs.  What is remaining is boxed up and under a tarp under the awning on my patio.


If this is left, can you imagine what I had before?  The rest of this will go to church for the yard sale next Saturday.  Moving and lifting will build muscles, right?  I also have bruises on my arms.  Tylenol works wonders. 

Sunday, I also packed up the things that my daughters asked me to save for them,after all the physical labor, I went to bed and it didn’t take long and I was asleep. 

Today after breakfast, I went out with a friend for lunch and then we went out looking for a truck.  He is willing to help negotiate a price so that they won’t take advantage of me.  I need to find a truck within by budget that can tow my 5th wheel.  (16,000 pound GVWR)

Tomorrow it’s back to work, so the warm bed is calling my name.  I hope you all had a great weekend and

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel


  1. Hope you find the right truck in a timely fashion.