Sunday, November 20, 2011

Truck’s Back Home, Miscellaneous and Help?


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My truck was supposed to be ready on Wednesday, well it was , except for spraying the top edge of the bed liner.  I could have had it on Wednesday and they would have given me $100.00, but I told them to go ahead and do it.  I picked it up after work on Thursday.  They did a really nice job with the detailing, but it didn’t stay nice and clean for long with the rain that we had on Friday, just enough to have dirty roads.


I’m usually off on Friday, but I went in to work (not really to work) but to bring in my art work.  It was our 2nd Annual Employee Craft Fair, as a fundraiser.  We donated 20% of what we made.  There were a lot more people that participated and came to attend.  I did slightly better than I did last year, but I think that was because I presented it as a Retirement Clearance Sale. 


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Before I went to work I dropped of some sandwiches at church for a reception that they had for a memorial service for one of our members.  Then I went back to church after I finished at work to pay my respects. 

While I was out I thought that I might as well make my annual appointment with my eye doctor.  It was for next Tuesday after work, but fortunately there was a cancellation for Saturday.  I’m glad, because I really need to pack the truck right after work on Tuesday.


Today, I kept my appointment.  Everything is just fine, although my prescription is slightly stronger and the cataracts are growing at a snails pace and no glaucoma, which is all good.  I picked out some new frames for my computer glasses, ordered my contacts and paid my co-pays.  It didn’t take too long. 

Later, I took a ride out to the Costco in Folsom to get a few things that I ran I needed.  I get NuGo Nutrition Bars there because they don’t have them at the one here in Rancho Cordova.  I’m surprised that I came out of there getting only the things that I went there for.  Usually find something that I just have to have.  I guess that I am really getting this RV thing down pat.  If I don’t need it, I don’t get it.


Another Sunday has come and is almost gone.  Other than church I picked up some coffeecake for our coffee hour between services, then attended the 2nd service because I gave Samantha, her seeing eye dog Gilbert and her daughter Serenity a ride to church.  After I got home I packed up the laundry to get it done.


              I’m not sure if I’m really clean or dirty.  There’s this much every 2 weeks.

                                         There’s two of the hampers.


Tomorrow I will gather the things inside that I will be taking to Phoenix and Tuesday the things that are in storage.  I hope that I can leave very early on Wednesday.  I will be going south on CA 99 or I 5 to Bakersfield then east on CA 58 to Barstow.  I was thinking on going east on I 40 to Flagstaff and then south on I 17 to Phoenix.  After thinking that it is farther that way, but all freeway, than if I go to Lake Havasu City and then south on AZ 95 to I 10 then east to Phoenix.   I need help to decide which way to go.  I will be in the truck, no trailer this time, but will be going the same way in the spring after I retire with “My Spot”.  What kind of grades, road conditions, etc. Any comments would be appreciated.

Hope you all have a Great week.

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Susan and Angel


  1. As long as the weather is okay - the road through Flagstaff and down I-17 is just fine. It's a long up and down once you leave Flagstaff to get down into the valley but no problems. We came that way in October and then did it again when we went to Camp Verde for our Rally in November. We've also gone down through Q and across. Where are you headed in the Phoenix area? If you're going to end up in Mesa or places east - it's easier to come down 17 then to get through Phoenix.

  2. Your artwork should be easy to store in the 5'er and you may be able to sell it while you are traveling.

  3. Wish I could help with the road suggestions, but I've never gone from Sacramento to Arizona, I came down from Las Vegas. I'd like to meet up while you're in Phoenix, but I'm going east on Wednesday, I think, from Glendale toward Yuma.

    Drive safe, have fun!! If I'm still around the Phoenix area over Thanksgiving, I'll call you. :)

  4. Mom you KNOW which way. I5 to 210 to 10. Weather is cold and maybe snow in flagstaff area. Just please drive safe! I will see you Wednesday night. She is coming to the very west side of the valley. Opposite side from Mesa.