Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Big Thank You



Yesterday was spent thinking about my grandson, who is in the Navy and all those men and women, past and present, who have served and are serving in the military.  They and their families give up so much for us to keep us free.  I would say to each and every one of them,”A Big Thank You to each and every one of you”.  That would not be possible, so I will mention it here. 

I actually slept in for a while, if you want to call 7:30am/8:00am  instead of 3:00am sleeping in.  Then I had to do a little bit of housekeeping related to my accident.  I got a call from Body Craft letting me know what their estimate was (over $4,000.00) for my truck.  I won’t get it back until the middle of next week.  The rental car that I have, ironically, is identical to the other car in the accident,  Weird, huh?


Angel and I took a ride over to Folsom Lake RV to get a new shower head that has an on/off switch for saving water, and for not having to readjust the temperature.  While there I decided to order washer/dryer combo to be installed at the same time while they will be installing the solar.  I think that is all that I will be doing to upgrade my rig.  The only other “want not need” is a folding tonneau cover for the truck.


At work, I had not gotten an answer as to getting an appointment with someone in HR to discuss my retirement until Thursday when someone sent me an email indicating that it won’t be until sometime during Thanksgiving week.  Ten years ago it was a lot easier dealing with HR, more personal.  Now everything has changed since they “farmed out” a lot of there processes.   Once I know how all that works out, I’ll be able to make commitments for next year. 

I also made a couple of calls to the RV parks where I sent Workamping applications. It is a good thing to follow up, as neither one had received them, so I resent them. Now I will continue to wait and see what happens.


On my way home I stopped at WalMart to pick up a few things.  While there, there was a demo on using a mandolin.  I have been thinking of getting one for a while, so I went ahead and got one.  I used it to slice a tomato.  I think that I will really like it.



Saturday, another day to sleep in.  I didn’t do much in the morning, but went to the store for something that I forgot yesterday.  While out there, I took Angel to the local dog park. It is a nice one, a separate one for small dogs, large dogs and one that both sizes.  As usual, she just wondered around, checking out the smells for a few minutes and then came back to me.  She doesn’t run around or play.  I just walked around the perimeter for exercise for me and she just followed me off lead.  Some other small dogs game in and wanted to play, but no, not what she wanted,  So we left and walked over to the American River where we walked between the bike trail and the river and found a path down to the river.  I also heard and spotted a small (I think) redheaded woodpecker. of course, I forgot my camera and my phone, so no pictures.  Angel had a lot more fun just sniffing around and walking in the river.  It was a nice easy walk, something I haven’t done in a long time.  That’s one of the things that I need to do and will be doing more of.  I think that I found a spot to do some painting when the weather is nice. 

Once we were home I didn’t do much except put the few things away and make an individual pizza using some of the sliced tomato.  It only took 7 minutes in the Readi-Set-Go Grill, so there was plenty of time to catch up on blogs.


Well, today I made it to church and home without any incidents.  I fixed a salad for lunch and now just finishing this post.  I don’t think that I will going out again.  Maybe I’ll just take a nap and prepare myself for one more full work week before the holidays.  The next few weeks after that will be shorter weeks because I am taking some vacation days.

Thanks fro visiting


Susan and Angel


  1. Sure hope you can get the truck fixed up quickly. Sorry to hear about the accident.
    Yes, a HUGE thank you to all our Veterans for their service to our country.

  2. Hi Susan, I hope your truck gets back to you as good as new. Bummer about the accident. I like that outfit that Angel is wearing with the red flower hat. She's a cutie!