Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stripping, Reorganizing, More Lights and Changes

IMG_0278   I decided that I no longer wanted to have a cowboy themed decor, which was throughout the whole coach.  It was “cute”, but not really “me”. so I proceeded to Strip the wallpaper border off the walls in the living room, kitchen and the bathroom.  Getting the border off wasn’t too difficult, however in the kitchen and the bathroom they used a strip of double adhesive under the wallpaper border that IS difficult to remove.  So I will continue to work on removing that. 

IMG_0284 There is a smaller border in the bedroom near the ceiling that I can live with for a while longer.  I believe that removing the wide, colorful border has resulted in a feeling of more openness.


                                    That’s the pool behind the fence.

Sunday I finally made it to the pool.  My intention was to do a few laps, however I don’t think that my arm is ready for that.  I can do the motion, but will take it easy for a while  to strengthen it.  I spent about an hour just moving it in the water, doing different strokes in the water, but not out of the water , as that is the part that still hurts a little.  It will take awhile and it won’t be too long before I can do laps again.  Oh, by the way, the pool is heated and very comfortable.  The hot tub is even better.  That’s the reward for the exercise.

Monday and Tuesday, I was going to go to water aerobics, but was a bit sore and I still needed to figure out what I had in the way of art materials.  I needed to get them all in one place so that I will have easy access.  So on Monday I took everything out of the outside compartments one one side of the coach, sorted and reorganized.  For the most part I now have all the art materials in one place.  I will still need to go through things and purge a bit more, deciding what I won’t be using and find new homes for a few things.


                     There’s more large flat stuff behind what you can see here.

Tuesday, walked over to the Clubhouse and filled a couple of water jugs and I waited for a. UPS delivery. More on that in another post.

As the season here at the resort progresses, it gets busier.  My Boss, Diana called me into her office yesterday to ask if I wouldn’t mind being switched to her Decor Team.  I would be working Mon. thru Wed., however My hours would not be the same. They would be more flexible depending on the events.  This week I will work the rest of the week (T & F) to finish this week’s hours, and then start the M/T/W schedule next week.  Today I will have a split shift, decorating in the morning and then working the event tonight and breakdown tomorrow.  I will probably like the decorating part and having varied duties.  I will be working with some of the different workampers that I have met but not worked with,   I will definitely be busy and more active, which will be a good thing.

All in all, it has been a busy week.  Now with the holidays in the not too distant future, it will be even busier.  Here at home, we are beginning to plan for Thanksgiving.  I have reserved a room in the clubhouse for a family dinner instead of going to the one for the whole park.

I am really glad that I am here in AZ.  My daughter, Sandi tells me that it is COLD in Ft. Worth.  I really, really don’t like COLD.  My wish for all of you out there in blog land is to have a wonderful, safe and comfortable holiday season.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0280 Here I am staying warm in AZ.

Susan and Angel


  1. I can't believe it is already the holiday season! This year went so fast..

  2. I think working in the decor department is more up your alley. You have that kind of talent and I'm glad they are using it. We're signed up to do Thanksgiving dinner in our clubhouse. Of course, we're much smaller than your park so it's a lot like family.

  3. Hope you enjoy the new duties, which do sound more like "your thing." Reading about you and others revamping the "looks" of their rigs is making me want to tackle changing ours a bit. I'm still trying to get up the courage to do so! Enjoy!

  4. Glad to hear you're doing so well. The decor job sounds really good for you...a creative outlet and some exercise as well.

  5. Your new working hours sound better and the duties more fun than what you were working. It's nice that you're so flexible.

    I think exercising, moving, etc. in the water would be really good to build up your shoulder muscles. My mom used to take a water aerobics class to lose a little weight, and it was good for her flexibility, too.

    I love the last photo of Angel. Happy holidays to you and Angel and your family, too! Having your own room in the Clubhouse for Thanksgiving will be really nice. :)