Monday, July 14, 2014

Back To Normal After A Holiday Weekend


                                Just one of the things that the Rangers do.

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During one of my rounds around the CGs, I was stopped by one of the campers wanting to know if I could rescue an Acorn Woodpecker that was stuck in the gate post (picture on left).  I couldn’t even see the bottom of the 6 or 8 inch pipe.  I went on the rescue mission to find something that it could climb out on, but by the time I got back one of the campers rigged up his own rescue device and scooped it out.  I flew up into a tree, rested and flew off before I got back.  Sorry, I didn’t get a picture, here’s one off the internet.

                                Adult male

The 4th of July weekend was busy. 

The girls below came over to pet Angel while the boys in the family played soccer in the street.  After they left Angel sat watching them play and “talked” to their dog from the deck.

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As they were leaving, they found this baby,  They thought it was a baby squirrel, but I think that it is a vole.  After they left I released it near where the found it.  I hope that it found it’s way home. 


On that Saturday evening Ranger Theresa had a “Campfire” presentation of Predators and Prey where she brought out animal skulls and pelts and then finished just in time for the attendees to see the bats come out of the Bat Houses.  That’s what is on those poles.


There is usually a mass exodus on Sunday and when I was cleaning the campsites, I was treated to this chalk artwork.  It’s still there.  Those that take that site also enjoy it.

IMG_0814 IMG_0816 IMG_0817

One my day off I decided to find out about the leaking transmission fluid.  In addition to replacing the gasket  for that pan, they discovered this.  They replaced my left front axel.  I sure am glad they found that, especially with me going up and down Quimby Hill Road.


Last Saturday, many of the campers were awakened by this.  about 7:30 there was a very loud craaaaaakk.  That large branch fell and took out the smaller tree. It fell in the driveway of two campsites. My little cart is parked in the site next to it.  They may have to call in a tree service, because the bigger tree is cracked farther down into the trunk.

IMG_3154IMG_3147  IMG_3146

That evening, Ranger Lisa led campers on a Full Moon Hike to see what animals come out at night.  There were about 120 people that showed up for the presentation.  She brought out the animal skulls and pelts along with models of paw prints and scat.  I helped her by taking some of the pelts around so more people could feel them.  That’s a Mountain Lion around my shoulders and a Bobcat on my left arm.  Angel didn’t know what to make of them.

 IMG_3172 IMG_3179


Full Moon rising in the East taken from my site.  I didn’t go on the hike.  I needed to get up early to clean restrooms.

The weather has been great up on the mountain, usually several degrees cooler than down in the Santa Clara Valley.  Once in a while there will be fog in the morning, but it burns off within a couple of hours.  We’re enjoying this gig.  Yes, Angel gets excited every time she sees me get ready to go to work.  She can’t wait to get into her harness, so that she can ride with me in her own seatbelt.

If you’re ever in the area stop by to see this park.  It’s a hidden Gem.

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IMG_0818 Just resting until Mom goes out again.

Susan and Angel

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