Monday, July 28, 2014

Full Moon Hike


That’s Ranger Lisa holding up a skull, on the table are more with other things to identify various animals that the hikers can possibly see on their hike.

IMG_3172 IMG_3170

First things first.  She helped the hikers ready their flashlights before leaving by putting red cellophane over the lights.  That way they were more likely to see animals not frightened by the brighter lights.


Below are some of the pelts that they could touch.  Can you guess what everything is?

1IMG_3198  2IMG_3195  3 IMG_3196

4IMG_3201 5 IMG_32026IMG_3204

                         7 IMG_3199 8IMG_3179

While everyone took off down one of the trails, I headed home to bed.  The moon in all it’s brilliance just outside my door.


Good night Mister Moon.

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Mom said I could tell you what those things are,

1.  deer antler, they lose them every year.  2. deer skin  3. bobcat  4. skunk  5. raccoon  6.  coyote  7. rabbit, the softest of all.  and 8. that’s a mountain lion over Mom’s right arm and shoulder with the tail hanging down on the left to her waist,  compared to the bobcat on her left arm.  That’s one kitty that I don’t want to meet.

Susan and Angel


  1. I bet the kids really have a great time on these nighttime hikes.

  2. A hike in the full moon sounds like great fun, but I'd be afraid of tripping. I like to see what's on the ground frequently and still trip over roots and rocks.