Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beginning To Think About The Next Move


                     Just another view of My Spot II here at J D Grant Co Park.

I’ve been here since last April and it is getting close to the end of my 6 month contract.  I will have to start preparing to move to Monterey Co. near the Pacific coast for the winter.  The “basement” storage compartments have to be gone through.  Is there anything that I can get rid of that I haven’t used since I’ve been here?  Can I reorganize or consolidate?  I need to find a place for everything that I have been using on the outside, chairs, grill, tables, rug, hanging baskets, planter, solar lights, wheel covers among other things that I use inside and outside. 

I’ll have to figure out when to cancel my land line and internet service.  I will also have to work on the logistics of more surgery on my arm.  The orthopedic doctor will be taking out the titanium rod and screws in October.

I still have things in cabinets that I may not need, but then again there are some things that I don’t want to get rid of if I decide on settling down in one place.  I know that that is something that my kids want me to think about doing.  I don’t think that I’m quite ready to do that yet, but I am thinking abut it.

I know, it’s been a while since my last post.  I have been trying to work enough hours each day.  I still manage to work over my 20 hours each week.  It is still busy on the weekends and that’s when I get the most hours.  During the week there are few campers, in fact, there are some nights that I am the only one in the park.  It is really nice and quiet until I hear the coyotes howling early in the morning.  Only one reservation for today and that’s in the other CG and one other in this CG in one of the non-reserveable sites.  The campers start arriving tomorrow, Friday.  There are only a few sites left for Friday,but we probably fill up quickly and Saturday is already full except for those non-reserveable sites which will also fill before the end of the day.  Most campers will be here through Monday, Labor Day.  That’s when there will be that “Mass Exodus”.

Ted will be coming for a visit after he gets off work Sunday.  Monday morning we may just go down the mountain for a Birthday breakfast and get back here for the exodus.  Last week he was able to go to Chicago with some friends.  The picture below is of the apartment where we lived when he was 6 years old.


We lived on the second floor and the kids went to school across the street.  I believe that the fence is new since we lived there.

I have few more pictures of the park.

Below is the amphitheater and the Bat Houses.  That is why we don’t have many mosquitoes.  Now it they would only eat the face flies.

IMG_0881 IMG_0880  IMG_0879

On the left, if you click on it you can see those piglets that I have been trying to get all summer and the other is a tarantula.  They are  beginning to come out.  every now and again I find a dead tarantula in the restrooms.    

IMG_0888 IMG_0867


                                     Don’t you just love a morning sky?

This little fellow has been driving Angel nuts.  She sits inside at the top of the stairs and whines because she can’t get to it.


There are times when it is a low growl when she sees these guys.

IMG_3277  A doe and growing up faun.

IMG_3275 I took these through my door.

There is actually one out there now and Angel is watching it, but not growling.  She is such a good girl when I tell her “No Bark”.

I have been creating folders for this particular park and will send them to the people who create the publications for the County  Park System.  They may use them in the Play Here Magazine or on their face book page. 

I guess that it is time to close this post.  I wish you all a happy and safe holiday.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_3246 This is where I go as soon as Mom gets back after cleaning restrooms.  It’s warm and snuggly in Mom’s bed.

Susan and Angel


  1. It's hard to believe you've already been there six months. Will you be going back next summer? We only sat for two months this summer and packing up our little trailer was a real pain so I can just imagine what it would be like after six months. Your birthday or Ted's. Either way - happy birthday. I love going out for breakfast on my birthday.

    1. It's mine, the big 70. It will be 6 mos in October.

  2. What, no Arizona this winter??? How will we function...? Anyway best wishes where ever you land and Happy Birthday...

  3. My experience at Lassen was that a lot of folks leave on Sunday. I guess they want to get home and settled before having to return to work on Tuesday.

    It's always good to have an open mind about settling down. I really miss the opportunity to travel more, especially across the country, and there are many campgrounds where the rent is at least 1/3 of what you pay to live in an apartment or house.

    Your pictures are really good.

    1. We actually have sites reserved through Monday. Most of the people that come here live only a few miles away, so they stay the whole time or at least don't leave until the morning. It makes them somewhat predictable, so that I can usually leave the park for a few hours if I want.

  4. Angel looks so sweet al cuddled up. Are those pigs or javalinas? Enjoy your weekend--nice you have the potential for a bit of time away.

  5. Happy 70th Birthday Mommy..... Love you!