Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Feral Pig / Foggy AMs / Volunteer Recognition


This boar and I had an encounter earlier in the morning before this photo was taken.  Right after I had finished cleaning the RR in Snell CG he was about to cross the road that I was on when we saw each other, I braked and he did a 180* and ran off into the brush.  Scarrrrry!   That was on encounter that I would have liked to get on video.


Here it is, mid August and we still get Foggy cool mornings.  The marine layer on this particular morning was so thick that I could only see about 100 ft.  I really could have used a windshield wiper on the inside as well as on the outside.  In this picture the fog was already burning off.  I thought that this van was neat.  It is a rental with a tent on top.  The family was visiting from Holland.

Last Saturday I took off a few hours to attend the Volunteer Recognition BBQ.

IMG_3215 IMG_3214

         According to the hours listed, as of end of June I had over 250 hours.

Here’s a few pictures from the BBQ. 

IMG_3222  Some other volunteers.

IMG_3218 Sara,  she’s the one who hired me over the phone.

IMG_3223 Registration table.

IMG_3228 IMG_3229

We were served by the Rangers, roast beef, chicken, beans, salad.  It was good.

IMG_3239 As a thank you, we were given a nice backpack.


Update on the broken arm:  

I have been having problems since the surgery.  It still is swollen with not full movement and some nerve damage.  I have finally been referred  to a specialist.  He says that since the bone has healed, that I should have all the metal removed.  I will probably have that done sometime in October, in between jobs.  I don’t have the details set yet.  I just hope that it will take care of the problem.


I hope that you all are having a nice summer.  For me, it has flown by.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_2971 It gets chilly on those foggy mornings.

Susan and Angel


  1. Nice to hear your arm has healed. That was quite the recognition party. Sounds like you have done well in California.

  2. A backpack like that is just what I need. Nice volunteer gift.

  3. Sure hope getting rid of the metal will help your arm feel better. You need it to protect yourself from those stupid pigs. And to pet Angel of course.