Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Where Does The Time Go?

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the last post.  Since then I’ve been recovering from surgery and started PT.  Stitches are out and no sling.  PT is twice a week, probably through the end of the year.

Ted drove me into San Jose for the stitch removal and when we got back to Santa Cruz we decided to go down to the Municipal Wharf for something to eat at the FireFish Grill and Restaurant.


It was in between busy times, so there weren’t many people there.  We decided to just share our meal.  It was nice and we will probably go back.

One  of the errands was to go to PetSmart. I have been fighting an ear infection with Angel, since last April.   Hopefully we have it under control.  We also had her nails trimmed.  Her treat was to go visit the birds.


Now that the former occupant of this site has gotten his shed empty and removed, I can start setting up my outside space.  This is just the start, but I will put out some Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.


Some of my time has been running errands, doctor appointments, shopping, etc., but every so often I get down to the beach.  A couple of days ago, I went over near Natural Bridges State Park. That’s where these pictures were taken.

IMG_3540 IMG_3558IMG_3543 IMG_3549 IMG_3552


One of these days I hope to take some time and get some drawing or painting done.  I guess that it would help to leave some of my art stuff in the car.

Next week I will be getting ready to go back to Sacramento for Thanksgiving. Looks like the busy season is about to begin.  I hope that you all have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Thanks for visiting


Back on Guard Duty, lots of cats to protect Mom from.

Susan and Angel


  1. So you are not working there, just staying? Hope to see you when we are back in January!

  2. Yes, I'm just staying. I'm located in a small RV Park, just east of Santa Cruz. There's lots of trees, so it takes a while for it to warm up. I also don't get good cell phone service, I usually go just a couple miles to get signal and enjoy the beach. It will be great to see you when you get back this way.e going
    I'm thinking that I'll be going back to JD Grant for next summer.

  3. Beautiful photo of you and Angel. And I love the picture of Angel watching the birds - she looks so happy.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Susan! :)

  4. Yea, I think she's happy. She goes with me in the car almost all the time. Since it doesn't get hot out here in Santa Cruz, I can leave her in the car when I go into a store, although SC is a pet friendly city. Lots of dogs, everywhere.