Sunday, April 12, 2015

Catching Up And This And That In The Park

First of all, Angel is doing very well.  After about a week of medicine and watching her as she recuperates.  By Friday, she was actually begging to go back to work.  I had to give in and let her come with me,  It can be quite chilly in the morning, so she gets an extra covering.  She’s just happier when she gets to “work”, no matter what the temperature is.

IMG_1265 IMG_3734

A lot goes on in the campground and park.  We have a couple of leaks in the CG and they are using a listening device to figure out where the leaks are.  Then they have to cut the asphalt before they use a jackhammer to access the leak.  That, they should be doing this coming week.  Earlier today there was a break in main water line and we had to shut down the water for the entire park.  I had to lock all the restrooms and put up signs to let everyone know to use the port-a-potties.

IMG_3716 IMG_1274

This is such a beautiful park, more than 11.000 acres, with lots of hiking, bicycling and horse trails.  I really like working here.  If you’re in the area, brave Mt Hamilton and come for a visit.

IMG_3712 IMG_3713

Here’s a Tom Turkeys showing off for the ladies

IMG_3715 IMG_3714

IMG_1272  This Boar was hanging out with a friend,

The sows are off somewhere else with their new piglets.  I haven’t seen them yet, but Pete says there are a half a dozen of them.

IMG_1266 Just another visitor on my shoulder.

Then there was this 1969, Viet Nam era Bell Huey ( sp?) Helicopter that landed in one of the fields.  It brought in a couple of  fire chiefs for a meeting to plan this summer’s prescribed burn.

IMG_3728 IMG_3730 IMG_3732

It’s Easter again.  I had to clean and help decorate the Ranch House for the festivities.  The Easter Bunny came to supervise the Egg Hunt.  Of course the kids hunted in earnest for all the eggs (some one had to check the perimeter for rattlesnakes and man water guns to scare off the crows that like the eggs too) .  Below are the two that found the “Golden Eggs”.   I, of course, did Face Painting.

IMG_3735 IMG_3741 IMG_3740 IMG_3742

IMG_3743 IMG_3744

IMG_3747 IMG_3746

The wild flowers are in bloom.  These are just a few.

IMG_1278 IMG_1281 IMG_1275

Now that all the campers are gone, we were visited by some deer.

IMG_3749Angel let me know they were here.

Now that both campgrounds are open I will have twice the work and it will also get busier as we get closer to summer.  I hope that you all wonderful experiences in your futures.

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Susan and Angel


  1. I am SO glad Angel is better and eager to work. The pics and stories are great. HugZ, d

  2. Lovely campground! See you on Thursday :)

  3. Snakes and crows like the easter eggs too. I wouldn't have thought about it, but it makes sense. Did the water guns work against the crows? I had one a few years back to keep the squirrels away from my bird feeder, but they didn't care at all.

  4. Hi Susan,

    I'm the woman who asked you questions about your lovely job. Thanks again for all the website information on getting started heading towards the free lifestyle. My husband & I enjoyed camping in "your backyard"! I hope you are well & I hope angel feels all better. We will come back soon and visit you. Do you have a favorite snack that I might bring when we come? - A fellow nature lover, Melanie