Monday, April 4, 2016

I’m CA Legal and Settled Into My New Digs


This past week before moving I had to get My Spot II legal in CA.  I decided that I would switch back to CA from to TX.  I don’t see me going back to TX anytime soon and in order to renew my plates there I would have to get the MH inspected before they would send me the new registration. A couple of weeks ago I started the process and found out that I would have to get the MH smogged before I could get the new plates for CA.  I just paid for everything so that I could get it done just before I moved, as far as my driver’s licence I was able to just get a duplicate. We all know how the best laid plans work. Ted came out Wednesday after work to help me get the MH ready to move and then we went out for  dinner before he went home.  I got everything inside secured so that I could leave early Thursday morning to get it smogged and then go to the Navato DMV to finish the paperwork.  So much for the plan.  The first place that I went, he wasn’t able to smog it, so I had to find somewhere else to do it. It turned out better, because the new place was cheaper and they gave me a coupon for a free “The Works” carwash.  It was a good thing that I called the DMV to find out how long it would take and found out that it was a state holiday and they were closed.  Great!  Okay, I would have to do it on Friday.  Fortunately the MH passed the smog test.  Yea!  It was back to China Camp for the night. Thank you Jim (the other camp host) for helping me get the MH backed into the space through the gate which is a real tight fit. In the morning I left early for the DMV and was lucky that I was able to get it all done and was back to the park by 10am. I’M LEGAL!  Jim helped me again. Later that afternoon I went into the city (SF) to get Ted, so that he could help me by driving the MH while I drive the Mini. We went to have dinner at the Spinaker Restaurant in Sausalito to avoid the rush hour traffic.  We shared an excellant meal. It was early to bed and we were unhooked and gone by 7:30am and pulled into Delta Bay RV by 9:30am.


IMG_4854  IMG_4856

From this                                             to                      this.

These are pictures of the park around my site.

IMG_4858  IMG_4859

looking west from the driver’s side                looking south from the front

IMG_4860  IMG_4861

my view from the front                                   the office


Ted taking a nap,  He worked hard getting me all set up.  thank you Ted!!!!

Later that afternoon I took him the closest BART station in Pittsburgh so that he could meet Leslie and then they would go back to the city.


The Delta is beautiful.  This is nearby off Brannan Island Road.

I think that this will be a good place to spend the summer.  I believe that I will be working in Activities 15 hours a week.  I will see Kim tomorrow to find out what my schedule will be.  If there is anyone of you out there that is looking for a place to workamp for the summer she still needs more workers.

I hope that you are all enjoying early Spring.,

Thanks for visiting

IMG_1967 I’m glad that Mom is finally settled again.

Susan and Angel


  1. Some states make it so difficult to register, get decals, licenses, etc. Glad you are finished with the hassle and are now legal.

  2. Your new place looks so beautiful! Congratulations.

  3. Good for you getting all legal. Your new spot is nice!