Thursday, April 28, 2016

Exploring Th Area and Still Waiting On Duties

This was taken while we were at the Spinaker Restraunt in Sausalito on our way back to China Camp the evening before we moved.


Here in the Delta there are many marinas and lots of boats moored in them. There are also stores and restaurants nearby for those that choose to frequent them.  Some people live onboard their boats and have cars or bikes to get around.

I've met a few people at the senior center in Rio Vista, the closest town.  On Fridays, some women meet to work on knitting and crocheting.etc.  I have been there a few times and then stayed for lunch. I've also attended another group that meets at a senior residential community just west of Rio Vista.  They also work on needle projects.  They seem to be a fun group.  One of the women has invited me as her guest, so I will probably attend there on Mondays.  I'm just trying to keep busy and get involved with other artists.

When not exploring the area, I try to get some painting done.  This one is of Angel not wanting to get up.  She likes to sleep in.

After being here for several weeks, they finally found something for me to do, painting signs with contact information to add to the signs by the road.  It has taken me a week to finish because they wanted to change them and I had to rely on others to get materials. 

For the time being I check in to see if there is anything for me to do. I've clean the restrooms (light cleaning) and made a Mail box for residents and  Workampers and cleaned the clubhouse.  That's about all that I've done so far.  They tell me that when the season starts, we will be very busy.  The season usually starts Memorial Day weekend and goes through Labor Day and into September.I will probably work every Saturday and Sunday.

As far as the weather goes, we have had a few storms that have gone through and had some rain.  Ted will fix my bedroom window that still leaks on one of his visits.  It's mainly the wind that we get here in the delta that makes me keep the awning in about half way so that I can still have a bit of cover coming through the door,  I hope that you all have been keeping warm and dry and been weathering any of those bad storms.

Thanks for visiting 

Susan and Angel


  1. I really really like that picture of Angel. I guess you need to enjoy the downtime because you'll miss it once the season starts.

  2. Enjoy the a! It was like that for us in Montana last summer, not much to do!

  3. Nice painting of Angel. And... you have beautiful hair!