Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day and More Exploring



This is where I’m at now, Park Delta Bay.


At the end of this road is the levee road (Brannan Island Rd) and on the other side is the marina.  Yes, we are below the water level.

Below are some nearby views of the Delta.

IMG_4863  IMG_4866

IMG_4869  IMG_4868

A week ago I took a road trip to Locke CA, just north of here.  It’s a town that mainly Chinese lived in back in the early 1900’s. I have since gone back to paint.  I’m trying to get more time in doing watercolors.

IMG_4880  IMG_4887


Then last week I went over to the marina just east of where I live and used their dock to do a painting. There is a lot of subject matter here in the Delta.

IMG_4889  IMG_4892

IMG_4896  IMG_4894

Another trip was to Maridian Jacobs Farm where they raise sheep.  It’s the closest resource for wool roving that I use when needle felting.


I have been keeping busy working on my various projects.  I have also set up another blog where I will be posting my creations.  www.artisticcreationsbys.alexander   There are paintings on it now, but will post other things later as I finish them.

In the meantime I hope that you are all enjoying Mothers Day as I am.  Ted came out to celebrate with me.  After fixing my window leak and generator exhaust pipe, he took me out for lunch at Sailor Jack’s in Benicia.  The food was good, but service was slow, but that was ok, after all it was Mothers Day.  That is one little town that I will go back to visit.  There are a lot of galleries and artist’s studios and it’s right on the water.  We also stopped at a roadside stand on the way home, where they have the best strawberries, yumm. 

Thanks for visiting

IMG_4857  I’m just checking on who’s out there.

Susan and Angel

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