Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pursuing The Dream

Yes, I’ve been busy and that dream has always been to pursue and improve my art, as well as to be able to share it by making it  available for sale.  I did follow through and put together a number of items available for Third Thursday in Rio Vista.  I set up a table last month.  Since this was the first one of the season, there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic.  I did sell a couple of packages of stationery (from my old  stock).  I did speak to the purchaser, who said that she would have paid double.  Maybe it will be better in June.


Below are some new small paintings of places around Rio Vista.

   DSCN0271  DSCN0272DSCN0270 DSCN0273

Another thing that I have been doing is attending some “Meet Ups” with the Sacramento Plein Air Painters Group.  We met up at one of the members home in Courtland, which is in the Sacramento Delta.  The property is amazing,   No matter where you look, it can be a picture.

DSCN0289  DSCN0288

I hope that you all had a great holiday weekend.  Mine was busy, as it was the first weekend that I actually took part in “Activities”.  Saturday began with a “Fishing Derby” for the kids.  There was to be a prize for the one who caught the “biggest fish” and one for the one who caught the “most fish”.  There were three families  (7 kids) that paricipated.  The boy below is the one who won the prize, but not for the above categories.  It was for the one who lasted the longest and for feeding the most fish.  No one caught any fish.


Later in the afternoon, instead of doing a craft, we did face painting.  Most of the boys wanted their arms painted instead of their faces.  The kids love to have their faces painted.


Then there was a movie at 8:30.  Fortunately one of the workampers took care of that. Then on Sunday morning instead of doing a scavenger hunt, I set up some lawn games, only a few kids showed up.  More face painting in the afternoon and another movie.  That was the extent of what I did over the weekend.

Yesterday, the holiday, the holiday campers left.  I didn’t have to work, so I went into Lodi to Staples to get some prints made of my original watercolors.  On the way we had to wait for a bridge to let a boat go by.  It just swings aside instead of raising.  It was interestong to watch and the first time since I’ve been here that I have seen the bridge operate. 

DSCN0304  DSCN0305  DSCN0307 

I’m now trying to build up my inventory again.  I did finish the tote below, so that will go to Third Thursday along with the things that I didn’t bring to Benicia, where I have rented space in an Artist’s Studio.  There is a lot of traffic there, so hopefully some of my art will sell.  Wish me luck!


That’s about all that I have been doing.  Hopefully I will have a productive summer and that you all have a wonderful one too.

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IMG_0226  I’m soooo comfy.

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  1. I'm really excited for you. Hope you have a fantastic sale this month.