Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Might Need Water Wings Soon


Good Morning China Camp!  Yes, this is what I woke up to.

     IMG_2598 IMG_2597 IMG_2596

Just to the right of the camp host sites is the creek that flows from behind our sites.  My car is in the picture on the right.

IMG_2592  IMG_2586

The road into China Camp Camp Ground has been flooded at high tide.  The picture on the right is at the entrance and just past that car is a dip in the road that today was 2 1/2’ deep.  Ranger Dan called to check on what’s going on here and to tell me that he wouldn’t be stopping by until later when the tide goes back out.

Even with all the rain I have been able to get to my painting classes.


18”x24” acrylic painting of Angel burrowing  under a faux fur rug


the view out of my front window   (unfinished watercolor)

I haven’t had to break out those water wings yet, but sometimes I wonder if they may be needed.  The winds have been sever here and a lot of things have been blown over.  The whole coach really shakes and the sound of the rain is so loud that I cant even hear the TV.  Angel doesn’t like the storms either and is happier in my lap.  When I leave and don’t take her I have been putting her in her crate.

I hope that you all are staying warm and dry.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_2579 Mom’s lap is soooo comfy.

Susan and Angel


  1. The rain has been terrible down here too. My son works in Big Sur and had to walk around a landslide there on Monday to get out. His car is still at the restaurant that he works at! The drought still isn't abated either..crazy!

  2. You guys have had some wild weather so please stay safe. Great painting of Angel under the rug.