Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our Trip To Montezuma Castle


It’s just Katie, my youngest granddaughter, and  me on this road trip.  It was really hot, although not as hot as down in the Phoenix area where she lives.

It was a bit of a distance to the ruins.  You can no longer go into the ruins, only an occasional archeologist can go into the ruins for study.


I have included most of the signage, explaining much of the history.  If you are interested, you should be able to click on the image to enlarge for reading.

IMG_3058  IMG_3059

Zooming in.

IMG_3060  IMG_3062  IMG_3063

IMG_3064  IMG_3065

These holes are additional homes to the left side of the castle.

IMG_3067  IMG_3072

More signs.

IMG_3073  IMG_3076

IMG_3077 (2)  IMG_3080

There was also an interpretive Ranger  out in the heat with the rest of us with some great information.

IMG_3081 (2)  IMG_3083

A diorama showing what the rooms look like on the inside, created when they no longer allowed the public in the castle. 

IMG_3084  IMG_3085  

IMG_3090  IMG_3093

Once we finished visiting the castle, we were back out on the road.  If it wasn’t so hot we could probably have stayed longer.  We would start to head back north, only through Prescott.  It was fortunate that we went when we did as one of the roads that we took was closed because of the Goodwin Wildfire that consumed more than 25.000 acres a week or so later.

IMG_3097  IMG_3105

In the picture below on the left is a view of the Camp Verde in the Verde Valley.  The next four are of Jerome AZ.

IMG_3118  IMG_3148

IMG_3150                  IMG_3152

We say goodbye to Jerome and head into the Red Rock Country. 

IMG_3153   IMG_3156


We head back to Flagstaff by way of scenic Hwy 89A along Oak Creek Canyon.  It was a nice drive even though there was construction and we had a brief wait time for one way traffic. 

It was a long day but still enjoyable and was fun doing it with my granddaughter.  She is  the one taking all the pictures.  I will do some more posts of our other road trips.

I hope that you are having a great summer.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_2971   I’m glad they left me at home, because of the heat.

Susan and Angel

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