Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Granddaughter’s Visit

This is just a short post about about a week long visit from my youngest granddaughter, Kaitlin.  She took off a week from her high school volleyball practice.

We had a good time even though it was hot for Flagstaff, but definitely not as hot as where she lives in  El Mirage, near Phoenix.  She was here for their hottest of 120*+.

While she was here, she did a lot of the cooking.  She was open to learning some good

knife skills and following recipes.


This is the meatloaf that she made in my “Perfect Cooker”, with a spinach salad.  It was really good.


That is selfie was taken in front of Montezuma Castle National Monument just north of Camp Verde AZ.  


Katie is somewhere on the left joining the last group taking advantage of the archeological program at Elden Pueblo just about a mile east of where I am parked.


Later that day we headed over to Lomaki Ruins near  Wupatki Pueblo.


Here, Katie is up close and personal at Wupatki Monument.

This is just a quick post and will do more on each location.  She took over a hundred pictures.

I hope that you all are keeping cool.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_3307   Of course, they left me at home for most of their trips.

Susan and Angel

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