Thursday, September 27, 2018

Beaches, Fire and Heritage Day


Isn’t he the handsome fellow?  He happens to reside at Drakes Beach Visitors Center along with a lot of interesting exhibits.

Sir Francis Drake landed on this beach to make repairs before heading for home to England.

IMG_4206  This is a whale I think.

IMG_4212  IMG_4213

This is the visitors center and part of the beach. 


Angel wasn’t allowed on Drakes Beach, but was allowed on North and South Beaches that we visited on the way back home.


Also on the the way back we had to check out the Cypress Tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel is a former radio station where the first transmission from Pearl Harbor reporting the attack on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese.

About two weeks ago we had a pretty scary situation going on here at the Campground.  It was my day off and when I got back to the park around 5 pm, I found the power to the whole park was off.  We were originally told it would be back on before 9 pm.  That was before the lookout up on Barnaby Peak reported a wildfire.  It wasn’t long before the firefighters were using our entrance as their staging area. 

IMG_4229  IMG_4234

I took these pictures from in front of my Motorhome. 


This picture isn’t very good, but the lights in the upper right hand corner are the flames seen through the trees and at the bottom left is where all the fire department vehicles were.  Up on the hill were the ground crews fighting the fire. The fire was started by downed power lines.  The campground was in no danger during the fire.  I was  helping by relaying information to the campers and other visitors regarding the status of the fire so that they wouldn’t get in the way of fire personnel.

It was midnight before I got to bed.  We finally got power on Wednesday evening.

Heritage Day at China Camp.


Last Saturday was Heritage Day at China Camp where I was a vendor.  There were all kinds of activities going on.  We were visited by a Fire Boat spraying water.

I also did face painting.  This was one of the little girls who wanted an orange cat.

IMG_4243      IMG_4245

I did fairly well with sales, but could have done better if I could have taken credit cards.

I’m still camp hosting at Samuel P Taylor State Park.  The duties differ from those at China Camp. Here I help out in the Kiosk checking in Campers and for day use visitors.  The main thing that I do is to sell firewood. I will also use the John Deere Gator to drive through the campground to check what sites are occupied or not.  Angel gets to go with me. She always gets excited when I ask if she wants to go to work.She wears her uniform and loves to interact with the campers, mainly the kids.


It’s been busy this week.  There sometimes when I’m the only one here. Some of the Park Aides have gone,( end of season or back to school).  So we’re short staffed. The camp host by the cabins will be leaving on Monday and the new one won’t be here for a couple of weeks.

This is a beautiful park and nice to actually live here.  I hope that you all are enjoying your week and wherever you are as I am.

Thanks for visiting

    .IMG_4216   Enough of this water. I want my mommy.

Susan and Angel


  1. I would feel a little uneasy being able to see a fire from my campground, whether I was in danger or not. It's good you could keep everyone informed about what was going on.

  2. We get some crazy stuff going on here, including a high speed chase from the CHP arresting one of our guests! Yikes! Weather is getting beautiful here too. Good to hear from you!