Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Day in the Neighborhood


I never did get out of the jammies yesterday. Just caught up on what's going on  in blogland.  I made some banana and oatmeal muffins for a potluck today, but burned them.   I decided to just go to bed instead of doing something else.

This morning I slept in and when I finally got up I decided to get ready and go to Costco to get something to take to the potluck.  Linda (the art teacher I've mentioned before) had a Christmas Potluck and Ornament Exchange at her home for all her students.

     potluck 1            poykuck desserts

                                                  Lots of great food

potluck ornaments ornament exchange ornament exchange 2

                                               Ornament Exchange

Everyone had a great time, enjoyed each other's company and as usual we all ate too much.


When I got home I let Angel out then watched a Christmas movie and took a nap.

That was it for today.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. Great photo of you and Angel! I like your decorations. I haven't been putting up decorations since I've lived in San Diego. I do still have a bunch, which I'll probably sell on Craig's List next year, and save a few for the RV.

  2. Every now and then we need a day of staying in our jammies! I just love those days.

  3. Holiday potlucks sure are tasty! :)

  4. I put out a couple decorations for my house sitter/dog sitter to enjoy while I'm gone. I was so busy cleaning house prior to her arrival that there wasn't time to decorate any more. Maybe when I return from Tucson. That's a great picture of you and angel.

  5. I haven't stayed in my Jammies all day for years. Well, at least not unless i was very sick.

    Good for you.

  6. That food sure looks inviting. I may break down and make some fudge after all. I love Jammie days and intend to have a few this winter.