Monday, December 6, 2010

Concert with Friends


After church yesterday, I went over to Target to spend the gift card that I got from work last Thursday.  The only thing that I usually get there is box of mini protein bars.  I also found another commuter cup.  This one is stainless steel and made by Aladdin.  So far I like it.  I came home to let Angel out of her crate.  After letting her outside to do what she needed to do, she came in and of course was happy to see me.  I had something for lunch and sat in my recliner to watch a bit of TV.  I actually got a nap.  I would be going to a concert later.

I met with a few others at church to carpool to a Christmas Charity Concert. 


                      Left to Right;  Trudy, Marian, Angel and Barbara.

The Valley Choral Society performed "Joyful Sounds of Christmas".  There were selections form Handel's Messiah and various Christmas Carols. 


We all enjoyed the performance, even Angel stayed awake for the whole program and the ride home.  It was after ten o'clock when I got home.  I let my Angel out and then it was off to bed.

This morning I took the day off from work.  It had stopped raining, and I got out in the yard to do a bit of fall cleanup.  The Morning Glory ( in an earlier Post) has been effected by the freezing temps, so I trimmed all the dead leaves and vines off the fence and trellis.  The trash can is full so the rest will have to wait.   The rest of the day we spent  going to the bank, gave my van a drink and did a bit of shopping.


That's it for today.  Good Night to all.

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Susan and Angel 


  1. Angel looks so comfy in that last picture. She sure is a cutie..

  2. Your concert sounds wonderful - I did the same thing Sunday evening. It's not Christmas without at least one Christmas Concert. I clicked on the photo - to make sure it wasn't YOUR Angel at the concert. That would have been funny! She's such a little cutie all curled up sleeping. :)