Saturday, December 11, 2010

Singing, Doctor's Visit, Nails, Wine and a Plan


Here it is Saturday night.  Last week went buy fast. another three work days.  I took Monday off, and by Thursday I was ready to be off work again just to have time to do the things that I want to do. 

Thursday was another choir rehearsal, this time for the  Christmas Eve service.  (I almost forgot and went to bed.)  Fortunately Samantha called to remind me, so I went to pick up her and her dog, Gilbert.  I wasn't feeling well but went anyway. (nothing serious, I just ate too much earlier)  It usually gets better in a couple of hours.

Friday morning I had a doctor's appointment to check out my shoulder.  I have issues with my rotator cuff and arthritis too in that shoulder.  The only way to correct it is to do a replacement,  I knew that before, but when I retire I want to be physically able to do whatever it is that I will need to do.  I wanted check out the latest status just in case I would need the surgery while I am still working.  The good news is that the doctor doesn't see surgery in the near future at all.  I am still able to do most everything that I will need to do with enough movement and strength.  He gave me a couple of elastic bands for exercising the shoulder. 


   On the way home I stopped to get my nails done and added the decal and stripes later.

Later I met with some friends from church to go to the Nimbus Winery to listen to Pastor Steve on the keyboard.  Surprise!  He got the date wrong, it's next Friday.  That's alright though, we stayed anyway and had a good time visiting.

DSC00081 DSC00083

Charlie, Marion, Helen, Barbara and Ellen                     Stacey joined us later

We were out on the patio.  It is a nice place.  It is a wine bar and they serve only drinks and appetizers, but not a full menu, although there is a sign inviting you to get take out from any of the restaurants and come there to enjoy a glass of wine.  Most of us will try to go next Friday when Steve will be playing.

                             Angel's dressed and ready to go shopping.


Today I slept in and then Angel and I took a ride and did a bit of shopping.  I found a large silk Poinsettia to add to the top of the Christmas tree and some plastic snowflakes for work.


When I got home, I finally emptied out the closet in my bedroom.  I decided that anything that I will put in an RV, will go in my bedroom.  I will determine how much of my business equipment I will be able to take with me,  When Mellissa and the kids move in, I will want the printers and computer in my bedroom,  I will have everything out where I can sort it all out and start purging.   At least it sounds like a plan.     Now to see if the plan will work.                            

Time to go to bed, so thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel

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  1. Merry Christmas Mom!!! love you, missi